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1000Toys: SDCC Synthetic Human

I’m a latecomer to the 1000Toys Synthetic Human and missed the regular-priced figures online, so I made the 1000Toys booth at SDCC my number one priority in the hopes that I could pick up this Microman-inspired exclusive and one of the regular figures. Fortunately for me, I was able to walk right up with no issue and grab the figures. Let’s take a look at the clear 1:12 scale Synthetic Human from 1000Toys.

The figure comes with three sets of interchangeable hands (trigger fingers, relaxed hands, and fists), a little plastic pick, and two face plates (skull and creepy doll face). The skull is painted a very convincing metallic silver and, in concert with the translucent body, recalls the old Takara Microman figures.

The plastic pick is designed to move the eyeballs in both face plates. The eyes move in a way somewhat like a Hot Toys PERS system. You use the little pick to move the pegs on the backside of the eyes around.

I did not use them much because I actually popped out an eyeball out and it freaked me out a bit. A 1:12 scale eyeball would be really easy to lose.

The sculpt is lanky to an almost skeletal degree, though the translucence does make it tougher to pick out the great robotic details in the body.

The skeleton head is fun in metallic silver, though the doll face looks somehow less creepy in clear.

The paint is really minimal, but nice. I honestly thought the head was metal because the metallic paint is very convincing and shiny.

There are some very tiny detail marks around the joints.

The articulation is fantastic with the following POA:

  • Ball-and-socket head, lower neck, butterfly pecs, upper torso, and lower torso
  • Double swivel/hinge shoulder, hips, ankles, and wrists
  • Double-hinged knees and elbows
  • Single-hinged toe

The articulation all has great range of motion and holds position well. The only somewhat loose points are the toe hinges.

Overall this figure is fantastic. I think I prefer the regular version because you can see all the detail better, but this is a fun variation. The eyeballs are also clear and depending on the lighting can also light up and glow in the skull which is fun.

These are a ton of fun to play with and pose. The only thing missing would be weapons, but he holds most 1:12 scale weapons well.

4 thoughts on “1000Toys: SDCC Synthetic Human

  1. Guessing this thing is either nearly impossible or extremely expensive to own at this point.

  2. How tall is this figure next to say Marvel Legends? Is this on the smaller size of 1/12 like Figuarts?

    Could make a cool Martinex!

  3. love the skull look on this one. I think thats the head I will have the clear one use as I am more a fan of the dead pan face on the white one. Also picked up some MSG light sabers for these guys and carb. Thanks for the review!

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