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SDCC 2017: Some Star Wars Black Series…Rey, Old Man Luke, Thrawn, more

22 thoughts on “SDCC 2017: Some Star Wars Black Series…Rey, Old Man Luke, Thrawn, more

  1. visual conformation of #42 being Hera. i mean we all knew it , so obvious. just nice to see in the box

  2. thats all good, but this was a breakfast….so where’s the food? what was the menu? did they only have like 37 biscuits and one egg packed per case? was the overproduced bacon on clearance yet? couldn’t do the country fried steak battle packs because kids dont buy meat anymore>?

  3. the first figures sold fine. rey was then repacked in like 3 other waves and still sold.

  4. You’re right, missed it when I went over the pictures the first time. Looks really great, so happy they are using that technique on the SW figures now.

  5. The printed Resistance Rey is coming in 2018 whereas the Last Jedi version will probably get released on Force Friday, so maybe they’ll probably repack it later on with a better head like they did last time around.

  6. Hasbro said that the 6 inch figures will have digital face printing technology, starting in spring 2018. Rey is the very first protoype shown using the new technology. So expect much better paint apps on the faces next year!

  7. That Resistance Rey (distinct from Jedi Training Rey, also shown in the pictures) is new.

  8. Am I seeing things, or does Resistance Rey look like it has some sign of face printing? Definitely looks better than the two-pack version, though the body still looks bland.

  9. Moving forward, Hasbro will be using face printing for their Black Series figures. I wish that Rey face print was on the Last Jedi body haha.

  10. Rey sold out in the Chicagoland area. Even when they rereleased her with newer waves. I had to get mine online.

  11. Man, I need bearded old man Luke so he can hang out with bearded old man Kurt Russell. And they will get a shelf all to themselves. And all of my female action figures will come hang out with them. And it will be the kewlest toy shelf EVAR!

  12. I almost missed it too. You can tell by the detail, that is a 6″ Rey “Resistance Outfit”.


  13. Wait, what rey is that in the header photo? It’s not the sdcc one, is it 6 inch?

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