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Max Factory: figma Bloodborne Hunter

Bloodborne is a game released in 2015. It was part of the PS4 launch and was an exclusive between FromSoftware and Sony. Almost two years later, action figure collectors are getting their first action figure based on the game.

This isn’t just huge for Bloodborne fans, but fans of the Dark Souls (“Souls“) series in general. While Bloodborne doesn’t have any direct ties to the Souls series, the game play and level design is based on the game. Additionally there are hints throughout the game that there are some threads weaving across the universes. After all, Dark Souls follows a non-linear connection between itself, and ties and links to the original Demon’s Souls keep popping up.

figma is the first action figure line to produce an action figure based on FromSoftware’s games. I’ve long expected Bandai to produce Souls figures since they are also a publisher, and I figured they’d be all over this. Instead, our first entry into the FromSoftware universe is coming from figma.

figma is one of my favorite toy lines and they are proven when it comes to quality action figures; they have some of the best sculpting and engineering. But they are also known to lay some eggs, most of the issues stemming from figures with loose joints or bad factory QC. It’s rare but it happens. Please don’t let it happen here.

The figure shown depicts the player in the starting armor that can be purchased. It is called the “Hunter Garb” and it comes in an “A” and “B” version. The figure is wearing a mixture of A and B, with most of the garb coming from A with the exception of the chest armor, as that is B. The difference being, A armor has a snazzy shoulder cloak, while the B armor does not. The other difference is that the A armor has the 3-point hat and the B armor has a top hat.

This leaves me to speculate that this will be a huge set with swappable chests and heads, or an extra head and add-on cloak or … ? Additionally, the character comes with the Saw Cleaver and Hunter Pistol, two of the five starting weapons, the others being the Hunter’s Axe, Threaded Cane, and Hunter’s Blunderbuss. The question is if these will be packed in as well. With the Hunter’s garb you have an option of making at least three starting builds.

Exciting indeed and hopefully opens the door to more builds and bosses since some of the garb acquired is related to bosses. No info on when this goes up for sale — we’ll keep you posted.

3 thoughts on “Max Factory: figma Bloodborne Hunter

  1. If Figma continues with this line of Dark Souls/Bloodborne figures, I’ll be a very happy collector!

  2. If Figma continues with this line of Dark Souls/Bloodborne figures, I’ll be a very happy collector!

  3. Dark Souls III’s Black Knight was announced months ago, can’t wait for Solaire maybe one day !

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