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Hasbro: HasCon 2017 Action Figure Exclusives

Oh Hasbro, you rascally rabbits, you can’t reveal a brand new figure and then make it an exclusive a week later. Well, you can, and you seemingly did, but there may be more to the tale.

io9 has revealed all of the exclusive for Hasbro own personal convention, HasCon, and there are some nifty reveals. Like a power bank for your phone that transforms into Optimus Prime.

Or Titans Return Arcee:

A repaint of last year’s Marvel Legends Deadpool into his X-Force costume is enough to perk me up, but now I’m so focused on the Deadpool Legends wave that I don’t feel as excited as I should. Unless I see it in person. Then I’m a school girl Gotta have it!

But the one throwing me is the Star Wars Black Series Captain Rex. Revealed just last week it was said he would be the second figure in the line to tout the Photo Real process, where the facial colors are actually printed onto the figure. The first figure to use the process is Rey. But neither was slated until next year. So I’m guessing (with a little help from Veebs) that this exclusive won’t have a removable helmet. Which makes it a pretty good exclusive, if that’s true. Get this one out for the time being, a good looking Captain Rex for those who attend the show, then the main line gets the same thing with even more, like the unmasked head.

But that’s all speculation. I’m sure we’ll find out more soon enough.

EDIT: I read the article wrong, apparently. It says it’s just an early release, coming ahead of the same retail release later. So does this one have the Photo Real head? I gotta know!

via io9

8 thoughts on “Hasbro: HasCon 2017 Action Figure Exclusives

  1. Some of these are rather interesting. Particularly that Prime because I’m surprised they made this work. I was at FanExpo last year and one of my pick ups was Tablet Soundwave so I know roughly what to expect with this.

  2. yea for real. i found the running change/variant xforce deadpool from the 2012-2013? marvel legends, and i wanted that SDCC set to go with him but oh well.

  3. yea me too. i have a friend who has family actually attending this. i think i might be able to get one

  4. That’s how I have to think of it, the timing is screwing with me. Why not mention this last weekend? Can I have it now?

  5. Thankfully it looks like Titans Return Arcee and Rex are just early releases and the Deadpool is going to be released at other cons as well. I’m surprised at Rex being an early release due to the face printing not coming for General Leia who will be released later. Maybe Rex was the guinee pig for Hasbro Star Wars using the tech.

  6. Yeah, they REALLY don’t seem to want people to be able to put together an X-Force team without taking out a second mortgage. I can’t believe they still haven’t released ANY version of Psylocke at retail.

  7. I want that Deadpool and I’m sure tons of X-Men fans do as well. How could they possibly make that an exclusive… ugh

  8. SDCC X-Force exclusive a couple years ago. Now Deadpool X-Force version a Hascon exclusive. They’re doing their best to screw over X-Force fans.

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