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Fwoosh Weekly: Star Wars Model General Grievous, Storm Collectibles, Black Series Gree, NECA, and More!

It’s that time of the week again, and even though no one wants to reveal much because of San Diego Comic Con next week I still find enough action figure news to ramble on about! Let’s talk Storm Collectibles Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter, Hasbro Black Series Commander Gree and A-Force, a little NECA Robocop, some S.H. Figuarts baseball, and then new pics and accessories for the Bandai Star Wars Model Kit General Grievous!

Storm Collectibles SDCC Mortal Kombat Noob Saibot

Storm Collectibles Street Fighter V Akuma

Storm Collectibles King of Fighters ’98:

Revoltech Amazing Yamaguchi Wolverine Proto:

Mezco One:12 Collective Spider-Man: Homecoming:

Toys R Us Exclusive Star Wars Black Series Commander Gree and Marvel Legends A-Force available at the Entertainment Earth booth at SDCC:

NECA Robocop vs. Terminator teases:

Bandai S.H. Figuarts¬†Shohei Otani of Japan’s Nippon Ham Fighters:

Bandai Star Wars model kit General Grievous:

12 thoughts on “Fwoosh Weekly: Star Wars Model General Grievous, Storm Collectibles, Black Series Gree, NECA, and More!

  1. King Of Fighters? You mean the game at the arcade where the line for Street Fighter started?

    Everything else looks nice.

  2. Great news roundup, it seems you’ve found more things for me to part with my money over, keep up the great reporting sir!

  3. Hmm. Okay, I’ll bow to that, but if it is the same material… I might be remembering wrong, but I don’t think Robo was terribly impressed with it. So either way, he will leave it to the side in his display.

  4. Zoom in, you can see the texture and slight frayed edges. It’s the same fabric that was used for the Captain Phasma model. It’s easy enough to get a wave in it for photo.

  5. I’ll grant the shoulder piece is plastic, but the pics we were given heavily imply that unless they included a wire that the cape is too. I mean that wave isn’t just a case of a ‘lucky’ shot like with the 40th anni. Vader when he was announced.

  6. Wished that was a baseball player I actually you know…knew lol I’d love to have some sports figures from figuarts

  7. As far as the Grievous it goes… If those are the final product pics… And if you were expecting a cloth cape, I’m sorry to disappoint, but the way it looks… It’s plastic. You might build it for the eventual build vid, we all now you’ll do one, but you won’t use it in your display.

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