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Hasbro: Star Wars The Last Jedi Black Series Luke and Rey

It’s the week of San Diego Comic Con so you know what that means. Surprises! Chills! Spills! Leaks! And this year is no different. What exactly is this Star Wars: The Last Jedi Black Series Luke and Rey?

My Google Translator never works right but I’m pretty damn sure that says “SDCC” up there at the top.

Apparently taken from the Hasbro HK site and definitely making the Facebook rounds this morning, it seems to be some kind of surprise SDCC exclusive two pack. It doesn’t have the warnings of the standard packaging and the two are awfully close together. I’m a fan of the red background we’ve seen for a few years now but I have to admit the black is pretty cool too. Until we see a Kylo or Vader. That might be a little too much.

But the figures themselves look pretty sweet too.

I have no info to back it up but with it being Rey and Luke I’m going to guess they will both have standard releases down the line and it’s just the packaging/two pack gimmick that is exclusive. They did the same with Jyn last year, and the FO Stormtrooper the year before. Both the Landspeeder/Luke and Thrawn exclusives will see a simplified retail release. So don’t go freaking out just yet. Hell, I know all of that and my dumbass will STILL be right there, trying to get into that Hasbro line.

30 thoughts on “Hasbro: Star Wars The Last Jedi Black Series Luke and Rey

  1. Awesome Jedi don’t need no lightsabers! Yoda didn’t have one. (No, he didn’t. Shut up.)

  2. Being an Aussie, weird stuff happens down here – 1st thing being tonight I was already able to place my Pre-Order with a local Online Toy Site for this ‘Rey & Luke’ set for the very reasonable price of US$47.61 (Au$59.95). To us that’s lower that normal Retail prices. Apparently they they are sourced direct from HK & will ship ~ Aug/Sept. 2nd weird thing was also securing a 6″ Black Series Commander Gree over the w/e at our Sydney TRU – so ends up it’s not being too shabby in the land of Oz! Hope you Fwooshers enjoy your SDCC – am looking forward to your photos as always ! =o)

  3. Couldn’t agree more. It’s just the style of the figure: the wide leg stance, the fidelity in the details of the figures, the paint style, the odd articulation scheme (especially on the arms)… It has always seemed to me they just opened a finished 3.75 figure on Z-brush, changed the knee joints, which takes maybe 45 minutes, and then shipped them.

    Whoever does the soft goods for them is good, though. Pretty good quality cloth.

  4. The Black Series feels a lot like 3,75” figures, just in 6” but without the quality that should come with the higher price. I don’t just think it feels cheap but that it is cheap.

  5. Rey looks more like a Daisy Ridley/Maisie Williams hybrid than a straight up Daisy sculpt.

  6. I think this is just for the sdcc exclusive. I believe the figures released at retail will still be in the red and black boxes.

  7. I’m disappointed they’ve skipped right over Rey’s resistance attire. She wore it at the end of Episode VII and is wearing it in the trailer for VIII, but they opted to redo Episode VII for release with her speeder and this little seen outfit that’s a lot like her first one.

  8. I wish Star Wars had the same quality the ToyBiz Lord of the Rings extended line had… Those were awesome! covered in wash treatments, combining different types of plastics and rubbers for the clothes, hair, etc… They also had great accessories… I feel sometimes Black Series feels cheap…

  9. Plastic is one reason I think, another one is the printing technique, there is simply such a better way to make it but the Star Wars department isn’t using it. And yeah NECA is also pretty good, sculpts were always great (still have the Sin City Nancy from back then) but painting also became a lot better. More and more figures rise in quality – but not Star Wars. It’s annoying. And while we may get someday a great Poe Dameron, I have the feeling they won’t remake characters like Ahsoka or Sabine, even though they seem to sell better then most of the other figures.

  10. I’m glad folks can finally get their Old Man Luke. I’ve mostly moved on to Figuarts and MAFEX, but if I see him in person and he looks good, I may bite.

  11. Yeah… Sometimes I feel maybe is the plastic they used that it doesn’t adhere completely to the mold, so the sculpt ends up looking rather soft and flat…

    And Example of this would be the initial Rambo and Rocky lines from NECA… They looked like the plastic didn’t pick up the smaller details… Now with the Rerelease the difference is like night and day….

    Maybe one day we will get a handsome Poe Dameron….

  12. Dont worry, like Rey the third release of the same figure will come with a lightsaber… and rosy cheeks.

  13. Considering these are promo-shots, Marvel Legends line is still in a completely other league. The faces are bad, Rey is a bit better then Luke but both are far from the quality the Marvel department delivers now, especially Gamora and Hela.

  14. Don’t know how to feel about the new Rey head. Interesting that we have seen her with the down hair in promo art and not a single trailer. I still have fingers crossed for a second Rey figure with the end of TFA/EpVII attire.

  15. Wow…. Hasbro now really seems to be moving forward towards better more detailed sculpts… Glad their figures aren’t looking as flat as past offerings….

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