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Bandai: S.H. Figuarts The Dark Knight Batman Video and Quick Pics

The S.H. Figuarts The Dark Knight Batman is a good action figure. It really is. It may even be great. But it had the unfortunate fate of being solicited right before another great looking Batman. Does that make this bad? No, not at all. But I find myself in a quandary.

I bought this. I like it. But damn it all if Medicom didn’t come along right after this and show off a MAFEX The Dark Knight Rises Batman to go along with their Joker, Bane, and Catwoman 2.0. That’s just playing dirty.

Now I hear what you’re thinking. That Robo is one sexy beast. I know, it’s a curse. But besides that I also hear you besmirching MAFEX. And I kind of agree. They have had their issues. Their final product doesn’t always looking like the prototype. But damn it, you give me most of the main characters from a set of movies and I’m all over it. On the other hand, Bandai may have just put out an excellent Batman but their TDK Joker is looking weird. And who knows if they will ever go beyond those two characters.

It all depends on if you like apples or if you like oranges. I like both and always end up spending too much at the farmer’s market, picking up some peaches and watermelons and potatoes. I don’t even like peaches but every now and then I grab them again, just to make sure.

Such a convoluted metaphor for a simple situation. Toys. I’m talking about toys.

Now that’s not all to say this is a perfect figure. The shoulders are a bit hard to manipulate with the pads, the elbows don’t go as far as I’d like, and the wire in the cape just doesn’t flex and stick enough, but it’s still a nice figure. Those sharp ass wrist blades are worth the price of admission alone. I swear to you, a Batman figure that can actually cause you physical harm? Can’t beat that.

Now swear to me. I know, wrong suit, shut up.




Alternate “Pete Holmes” head:





7 thoughts on “Bandai: S.H. Figuarts The Dark Knight Batman Video and Quick Pics

  1. This may be a weird way to recommend a figure – but I suggest if you are NOT a Batman “fan”, then buy this SHF version. To explain – I am NOT really a Batman nor DC fan at all and I found the movie trilogy was OK, but not as good as recent Marvel films. However I still bought this SHF Batman based purely on a design & aesthetics viewpoint ie: it looks impressive, the joints, paint & sculpt are all there and he fulfilled all my Batman needs (along with the Mafex BatPod). He poses well, looks cool & the cape actually looks good in it’s out-of-box default state, without much friggin about. PS – and I too almost drew blood on those forearm blades!

  2. I went with this figure. I can’t buy MAFEX any longer until they can guarantee figures that don’t fall apart. And at 6800 yen, that shouldn’t even be a possibility.

  3. I’m not fond of the wires in the cape. I’d rather they just not bother. I know it puts a limit on what you can do with him, but that’s just me.

  4. Haha, I can’t take the credit, someone commented the same on the video and it busted me up, had to reuse it.

  5. Robo, you killed me with the Pete Holmes Batman reference. I cannot unseen that now, it does look like him. “I fight crime in a rubber suit. Really seals in the flavor”

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