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Mattel: WWE Alexa Bliss

WWE Alexa Bliss figure main

WWE Alexa Bliss figure main

Alexa Bliss quickly caught my eye upon her debut in NXT. Besides the obvious (because c’mon!), she’s quickly evolved into one of the more complete members of the women’s division.

Mattel’s sculptors did a tremendous job on the sculpt. This looks just like Alexa, and not just from one angle. The scowl and “over it” expression are really solid.

WWE Alexa Bliss figure arms out

Mattel gave Alexa the same mold we’ve seen on Sasha Banks and AJ Lee. It’s useful in the fact that it does a decent job of conveying her more developed thighs, but it’s not as compact as I’d like. Alexa is billed at 5 foot 1, so she’s even shorter than the smaller 5 foot 6 Sasha Banks. WWE Alexa Bliss figure scale

Considering Alexa has so many colorful attires and a slew of variant options, it seems like a missed opportunity to not have a dedicated sculpt. It’s not like Alexa won’t be a big player for many more years to come.

Paint-wise, Alexa is pretty good. The highlight for me is the red dye-tipped hair. That’s a nice effect and Mattel did a great job with it. The eye shadow isn’t as dramatic as Alexa usually wears it, so it loses some of the impact. I also feel like her irises are smaller than they should be. I only really mention the makeup deficiencies because the head sculpt is outstanding and the paint kind of lets it down.

WWE Alexa Bliss figure back strapsI typically hate the standard tank top paint job as Mattel doesn’t always cover it well. That’s not the case this time since it’s harder to see it. That does lead to a major gaffe, though, because Mattel didn’t paint the back straps, which makes Alexa look as though she has this weird skin condition. Mattel probably should have just painted them. The line work on the tights is inconsistent, and the “Alexa” lettering doesn’t match up like it has on previous figures.

WWE Alexa Bliss figure vs BayleyOn the articulation front, this smaller buck has better articulation than the standard Divas figure. The dreaded pimp hand is thankfully gone. Alexa’s stature limits some of the moves you can achieve — that and the restrictive articulation of the other Divas/Women in the division.

The kneepads are a little annoying, though, and since they’re so tight, bending her knees is frustrating. As great as it looks, the hair strands tend to be a pain to maneuver.

WWE Alexa Bliss figure on Sasha's hairAlexa has articulation in the following areas: neck, shoulders, biceps, elbows, wrists, torso, waist, hips, thighs, knees, and ankles.

Mattel has already announced a new Alexa Bliss is coming in the Elite line. That will likely feature her in more of her Harley Quinn inspired attire. The articulation will be the same, but that will likely have a more colorful attire and hopefully better makeup application.

WWE Alexa Bliss figure standing on ropesTypically, Basic figures don’t come with anything. But this series has an awesome one — a Slammy Award. It’s perfectly scaled and solid enough that any figure with an open hand can hold it. But I’ve gotta be honest, this made me want an Owen Hart Mattel figure even more.

Basics are $10, so you’re not breaking the bank here. They’re the best value for the female superstars since they feature the same articulation as their Elite versions.

WWE Alexa Bliss figure hand upSo is this figure worth it? I’m a fan of Alexa, so I don’t regret grabbing her. It would have been nice for Mattel to have given us a Blake and Murphy figure to accompany her, though. Either way, I’m happy to have her in my collection.

I’ve slowly started to catch up on more WWE reviews. Recently, I’ve done Shinsuke Nakamura and Cactus Jack. I’ve got a few more to tackle soon, so check back on the Fwoosh for more wrestling figure reviews.

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