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Customizing Clone Troopers

I’m having fun customizing Bandai S.H. Figuarts Phase 1 Clone Troopers. I’m actually not doing much, I think I painted one of them and the rest are being handled by son. Many of these Clone Troopers can be found for a decent bargain on the aftermarket, making them ideal for custom projects.

Yes, these are more expensive than Hasbro’s Black Series, and they don’t have perfect articulation. But I love the sculpt and they fit beautifully with my growing S.H. Figuarts Star Wars action figures. And since my son has taken to painting and working out the kinks with airbrushing, it’s a hobby we can enjoy together.

I do want to tackle Captain Rex, as he’ll go perfectly with Anakin (when I break down and get him), but my goal has always been the 212th Attack Battalion. I want a Phase 1 Commander Cody, and I think I can fabricate the needed parts and my son can kill the pain apps. But 212th is where it’s at for me.

In addition to Commander Cody, I’ve wanted Waxer and Boil. Waxer is missing the Numa drawing on his helmet and the kills numbering. Maybe once Cody is done I’ll make an update. Waxer has the pleasure of being the second custom painted by hand. Boil is the first custom painted with the airbrush and came out superbly.

The last figure is Sergeant Hoax. He’s a design I found online from … I have no idea where … but it was this huge sheet of clone armor 212th designs. I have no idea what the character is or where he is from, but he has a unique look and also fun to paint. Hoax was another hand-painted figure.

As mentioned, a slight detour from the regular review cycle to present something a little different and a little fun. Customs are always fun to work on, especially during the summer. I know there are existing customs out there of these figures. If you are interested in making your own, you can pick them up here:



6 thoughts on “Customizing Clone Troopers

  1. Just recently got into this line, and got some phase II clones to do customs on. This is actually the first time I’ve seen somebody else customize these!

  2. I’m a little confused though. Thought 212 was Utapau Phase II helmets. The sculpt isn’t as nice as the Phase I though.

  3. Great paint job! Agreed though, I’m a huge clone fan and the articulation on these stopped me from squad building. The FO articulation and design is much better, so when/if SHF decides to redo the phase one clones as good as the FO stormies, then I’d be on board for at least 4 more!

  4. pabs here (sometimes is shows Robo answering)

    We have a bag of granite rocks and dirt and sand that we throw the figures into and roll them around in it.

  5. Love these and they make me want to make some more 212th guys to go with Cody and my four pack trooper. I like the little dings on the orange stripes. Did you scratch those into the paint job?

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