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Top Five Things I’d Like To See At SDCC 2017

We’re less than two months away from SDCC, but it’s never too early to think about what you want to see. SDCC is like a less fulfilling Christmas, in that you don’t actually get the toys right then, but it’s still fun to think about what you want to see. And who among us didn’t start making our list in October.

Or September.

Or June.

SDCC is also like a relative that comes around once a year bearing gifts. Sometimes that relative nails it and brings you exactly the thing you want, sometimes they bring you something that you didn’t know you wanted but are ecstatic to have, and then once in a while they bring you socks. Now, socks are useful, socks have a point and a purpose, but they’re still socks. There have been a few years where it feels like the toy companies gathered together and collectively decided that we, the united collector front, were getting socks. Remember Hasbro’s early days commandeering the Legends ship? Yowza. But those days are over, and the past handful of years, maybe even up to five or six, have been pretty damn good. No socks under the SDCC tree for this toy enthusiast!

Like most, I have a definite list of things I’d really really like to see shown off at SDCC. While five slots in no way encompasses everything I want, these are the five that would push this SDCC over the top. Let’s see how many we can agree on!

Classic Thor

Narrowing it down to a single Marvel Legend figure is hard, but It’s really time for a Marvel Legends classic Thor. With the announcement of the SDCC Thor set, there is some pieces and parts that look like they’re a sideways shift away from being a classic Thor. And since it looks like they’re finally realizing Thor isn’t 10 feet tall, now is the perfect time to strike. They’ve made Captain America in his most well-known outfit, so it’s time for Thor and Iron Man to join them. We’ve had two attempts at a classic Thor before, but they were both from ToyBiz and don’t hold up to today’s toynology at all. A Hyperion-body-sized Thor would verily layeth the hammereth down. Eth.

Bonus points if he comes with both bearded and non-bearded head. Double bonus if he comes with a pack-in Thor frog. Triple bonus if he comes with a pack-in fully articulated classic Loki. Am I getting greedy? Okay, maybe, but a Thor reveal would be fantastic. Speaking of “fantastic,” The only reason the Thing isn’t in this slot is because I have a feeling we’ll be waiting quite a bit longer for him, so Thor it is.

Super7 Thundercats

I’m beyond tired of getting jerked around by the Thundercats property. After two scales with Bandai, and an aborted attempt by Mattel, I really need some dedication to the line. Mattel has started us down a very nice-looking road, and I’m pretty sure that at this point Super7 is our best (and possibly only) hope. I know the wheels are in motion and things are being worked out behind closed doors, but time is very swiftly ticking along with no news. I’m hoping SDCC is the place where we finally get some solid, concrete news, with no takebacks.

G.I. Joe

I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I didn’t add them to the list. The longest (by far) shot of the five, I’m pretty much at a point where I’ve given up hope for a 6-inch G.I. Joe line. Whether it’s the prospect of figures without vehicles, or the symbiotic connection that Joes and the 3 ¾ scale have, it seems like year after year passes and we’re still absolutely no closer to getting 6-inch G.I. Joes. I — and a handful of resolute stalwarts — will never give up pounding the war drums for them, but I will admit every year makes that end goal seem further and further away. I’m pretty sure if a grouping of Joes suddenly showed up on preview night, I’d pop a vein right then and there.

Something Wild West-ish

I don’t care if it’s figures from the “Man With No Name” trilogy, or video game figures from the upcoming Red Dead Redemption 2, or just a generic line, my collection is missing a good line of western figures. I have toys now from almost every niche except some really good gunslingers. Once upon a time the television was overflowing with shows about the Wild West, and the cinema was cram-packed with dirty, hard-eyed characters who lived for whores, horses, and whiskey, but nowadays we’re lucky if we get a movie every couple of years based on actual gunslinging. So I can understand the lack of toys … but it doesn’t mean I like it. Working holsters filled with cold iron, shotguns cradled in the arms of black-hearted murderers, hats pulled low over creased eyes as the sun sets over another dead town … yeah, something. Anything. Mezco, NECA, anyone.

Schwarzenegger’s Conan

I feel like I have a pretty decent selection of Arnie’s most iconic roles. I’ve got Terminators and more Terminators, I have a handful of Dutch figures, I have a John Matrix. While I don’t have a pregnant Schwarzenegger — and I think we’re all a little poorer for the loss — I’d love to have a really nice, articulated version of Arnold’s Conan. At that place, at that time, there was nobody else that could have pulled off that role with the combination of inhuman muscularity combined with larger-than-life action-hero panache. Arnold’s Conan has had figures before, but never to the standard of 2017. A Schwarzenegger Conan figure made now would be the best version ever made.

Well, that’s my list. Are any of these on your list? Do you have a completely different one? Leave a comment and let us know what you’re hoping to see!

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