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Max Factory: figma Deadpool Promo Images and Info

Oh man, oh man, oh man, Good Smile Company has finally, FINALLY announced their figma Deadpool and it looks to be worth the wait! Or should I say, both versions look to be worth the wait?

That’s right, two version. But first, a little history…

That was shown over a year ago, about February 2016.

This was shown a year later, kind of gangly and oddly proportioned.

History lesson over.

Seeing the final product, the problems I had with the unpainted prototype seem to be gone. Or at least hidden by paint and magic. And excitement.

The standard release will be offered up everywhere and will include three heads, two swords, a knife, two different pistols, and six pairs of hands. The abdomen section is a soft piece to help with posing.

Whew! And that’s just the standard release!

The deluxe release, available at, Amiami, and the Good Smile Company shop, will include everything that comes with the standard plus two sai, two rifles, a chimichanga with corresponding hand to hold it, another head with the mask pulled up to indulge on said chimi, and a swappable set of legs with heart boxers.


That’s pretty sweet. The skin is a little clean, at least tone-wise, but it’s appropriately nasty in places.

No prices were mentioned but it seems both versions go up for pre-order on May 16th at midnight. That’s tonight! Well actually, overseas time that’s only in a couple of hours. FIGHT!

Edit: Looking again, it may be noon overseas that this goes up, which kinda makes more sense. It’s going to be a late night, guys!

Edit again: It has been posted that Deadpool is due out November 2017.

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