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Demanded Characters: Marvel Legends Dazzler and Longshot 2-pack

In the past couple weeks we’ve seen a return of the Marvel Legends 2-pack, a format that has been attempted again and again to varying degrees of success and fan satisfaction. The Spidey and Mary Jane 2-pack is flying off the shelves as we speak, and the Cyclops and Dark Phoenix set is shaping up to be even more sought-after. Essentially, Hasbro has hit the ground running with these sets, and we’re dying to see what’s next. So far, the theme has been famous Marvel couples, even though they’re not really marketed as such. In keeping with that theme, another Marvel couple from a popular era of the Marvel Universe is Dazzler and Longshot, and I think this pair would be a strong contender for the new 2-pack treatment. After Scott and Jean, Dazzler and Longshot are the X-Men’s flagship couple, and their offspring, Shatterstar, has gone on to be a major player in X-Force and X-Factor. Though they’re not exactly an item anymore, thinking about Dazzler and Longshot as a couple takes me right back to the days when the X-Men comics were not yet a hugely dominant force on the comics rack or on TV, when seeing an Art Adams cover was the greatest treat, and when the thought of Marvel toys as good as recent Marvel Legends was an impossible dream.

Both characters were kind of oddball choices who didn’t necessarily “fit” in the X-Men, but together they somehow worked. And it’s Dazzler as she looks on the above Uncanny X-Men cover that fans were most hoping to see released in Marvel Legends. Now, I will never, EVER, complain about getting Disco Dazzler first, but the above blue bodysuit Dazzler is every bit as iconic and needed in the Legends line as her original Disco look. And Since Longshot is in dire need of an update from the original ToyBiz days, releasing them together as a 2-pack makes so much sense and would be killing two birds with one stone. Heck, Diamond agrees with my assertion and even released them together in the MiniMates line:

For Longshot, an update to his classic “mullet” look would work, but it would also be cool to see him released in a more modern, updated look, like when they started drawing him in X-Factor to resemble Owen Wilson:

As much as I will always love his classic look, I am also very fond of this update. It’s sleeker, but it also maintains the innocence of the character. It doesn’t look quite as androgynous, however, but it does mostly maintain the spirit of the character. For Dazzler, the blue bodysuit, with or without the jacket, is a no-brainer. That’s the one we need here. For Longshot, though, it’s tougher to predict if Hasbro will skew classic or modern since they can really go either way. In Shatterstar’s case, I was hoping for his modern look (like in the above pic), but we got a classic. I’ll go on record stating that my preference for Longshot would be for modern, but I will absolutely not be disappointed with an updated classic figure.


So what do you think? Are Dazzler and Longshot worthy of a 2-pack release? And what other Marvel couples could work in this format? Sound off below!