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Articulated Icons: Ninjas Have Moms Too…

First off, the heads/hands swapping issue has been resolved and EVERYTHING is scheduled to be on a boat at the end of this coming week.

It should take about a month to get from HK to our distribution center in Arkansas, so it looks like we will begin shipping out Kickstarter rewards near the end of June.

With that said, we will be locking down all backerkits and closing preorders at the end of May. If you need to make any changes make sure you do so before the end of the month. Just shoot an email to [email protected] if you have any questions about modifying your order.

In June we will be sending out a mandatory address confirmation, EVERYONE will need to confirm their shipping address, we will only be shipping out rewards / preorders to people who have confirmed their address, we will post an update here when the mandatory address confirmation email has gone out so no one misses it.


Our own Matthew K posted an article on the fwoosh with a bunch of new pics of the FEPs, that pic above is one of his, click here to check them out.

He’s also been posting quite a few other pics on his Instagram page.


If you missed the Instagram live stream last month, ACBA’s NcurableKollector has now uploaded 3 awesome hands on videos:


He’s also been posting photos to his Instagram page that you should check out…


Happy Mother’s Day and thanks again for your patience and support!

(Beardy is super happy that there was no bad news in this update)