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Hasbro: Marvel Legends Ultimate Spider-Man and Vulture 2-Pack Video and Quick Pics

When news of the Walmart exclusive Marvel Legends Ultimate Spider-Man and Vulture two-pack hit, I was in Orlando, FL. I was slightly interested in the set so on the long drive home we stopped at more than a few Walmarts and never saw it. After a day back I stroll into my local WM and there it is, just waiting for me. Funny how that works out.

And I say slightly interested because I never dove too deep into the Ultimate Universe. I remember reading the first few arcs of Spidey and liking it but it didn’t go much further than that. But after having this Spidey figure for a short period of time before sending it off to Pabs in Denmark I knew it was a pretty nice figure, and the Vulture, while not my preferred old man version, was visually interesting enough to grab my attention.

It wasn’t until after some schooling from YouTube comments that I learned that this Spider-Man is actually based on the Ultimate cartoon, not the comics. Notice the missing red on the biceps. Also, although the package lists him as Adrian Toomes, this Vulture is actually Blackie Drago. Again, thanks go out to the YouTube crowd.

The figures themselves are solid. I don’t go much into Spider-Man because I reviewed this same figure a while back when it was single released in a standard wave. Twice, actually, since the Miles Morales Spidey from that same wave shared the body also. Since I don’t have that one anymore there is no comparison shots showing any changes in the colors from the original release to this version but from what I’ve seen the blues are different.

The Vulture uses some parts from Superior Spider-Man along with a new torso, crotch, head, and lower arms. It’s not a bad body at all but my problem stems from the d-tents in the legs and ankles. They are positioned awkwardly, making him a bit odd to stand. And then the wings, while looking great, don’t have any articulation to them. Despite that, it’s a great looking figure.





Vulture wings:

Vulture helmet (alternate head):