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Hasbro: Black Series AT-ACT Driver

Hasbro is back with another exclusive Black Series Trooper from Rogue One, this time with an AT-ACT Driver exclusive to Target. The AT-ACT Driver is an interesting choice because they only appear for half a second and only from behind. Even as a big Rogue One fan, I really had to think about picking this figure up. Let’s take another look at the AT-ACT Driver!

The AT-ACT Driver comes packaged in the standard Black Series box, but as an exclusive he has no number.

The figure is basically the TRU exclusive Tank Driver with a repainted Scarif Stormtrooper head.

You can swap the heads with the Tank Driver to make a pretty passable Tank Commander, though the arm paint design is slightly off for that character. The Tank Commander actually gets a bit more screen time, so I kind of wish they had made him instead.

The figure comes with the standard Rogue One era Stormtrooper blaster, which is very similar to the original blaster with a little flashlight detail added.

The figure has the solid articulation that we’ve seen a few times already. It moves pretty great with the following articulation:
-Swivel/hinge neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, and ankles
-Ball and socket head and mid-torso
-Swivel hips
-Double-hinged knees

All of the articulation moves well except for the hips as they do not hinge outward very far.

The paint is the main point in a repaint figure like this and it’s pretty decent. There is some very sharp tampo symbol detail on the helmet and the chest and shoulders. The weathering is also pretty well done. I think I’d like it if the base white color of the armor was a little more glossy as the armor is pretty glossy even when dirty.

Overall, this figure coasts on the success of earlier releases and that’s to be expected for a repaint. If you like the Tank Driver or Scarif Troopers, you’ll like this figure. I grabbed two and have definitely had enough fun with them shooting today to justify the purchase, but I’m a bit of a Rogue One fanatic.

17 thoughts on “Hasbro: Black Series AT-ACT Driver

  1. I didn’t have to worry about it that much because to my surprise, I picked it up today as a pick-it-out-myself B-day present. Canadians? Check TRU.

  2. As much as I enjoy the film, I’m not going scene specific with my 6″ figures because they cost too damn much where I live and that is why I love this guy. He’s like an AT-AT Driver at his usual day job, looks like a “Shore trooper” enough to skip that figure altogether and can quite comfortably hang out with the Tank Operator or AT-AT Driver at lunch or shift changes. As soon as I saw the 3 3/4″ figure with the walker, I knew it was for me. Just the general look of this guy does it. I wish we’d gotten more of him in the movie.

  3. If you watch in Rogue One, there is actually a difference in the deco on the AT-ACT driver and gunner. This figure here is the driver, and it appears that the gunner has plain white armor, like the Tank Driver. So when you do the AT-ACT Driver/Tank Driver head swap, not only do you get a fairly accurate Tank Commander, you also get a (probably) accurate AT-ACT Gunner. Pretty sweet!

  4. Amen on the paint aps. All those customizers I see on IG have proven how the sculpts are rarely the problem with this line. Matt, I’m going to have to check out that Plastic Action fella. Does anyone else here have a good IG account to follow, especially as far as SW and action figure pics go?

  5. If only Target had tried a bit harder to stay in Canada… (I say that because I’m not an online shopper.)

  6. Dude I think you might be done learning cuz you’ve been nailing it for awhile now. Helps motivate me to take better pics myself!!

  7. Thanks! The explosion thing is something I learned on instagram. There is a user named plastic action that shared a behind the scenes video of how he incorporates the explosions. It’s basically blasting dirt with an air gun and having a fast enough shutter speed to capture it. I’m still learning it, but it’s a fun technique to mess with.

  8. I like that. “Just different enough to make you mad”. I knew I’d regret it if I passed.

  9. Awesome figure. Sometimes I think Hasbro should just focus all it’s energies into producing troopers. They do an outstanding job when it comes to Stormtroopers and Clonetroopers. They stumble when it comes to human portraits, mostly because of poor paint apps. I’m to the point where all I really care about are the troopers. They look so much better on the shelf.

  10. No second thoughts about it, I am a trooper whore so I got this. As always your pictures are impressive, most impressive. I just cant get over how you’re able to pull off all the splosion’s going off in frame, so cool. I don’t even care that this figure is all reused parts and a repaint, because I like all those parts and the paint deco. For a character we saw in one shot and from behind, it’s cool we even get this variation of trooper.

  11. I hemmed and hawed on this one, too. Ultimately, I gave in and bought one, because I was hankering for some new TBS6″ action. (I also finally caved and ordered Sabine and the Hoth Troopers from HTS last week.) I haven’t cracked this guy open yet, which probably speaks to how excited I am for him, but it’s a solid release and, as Adam Pawlus would say, “just different enough to make you mad.” Thus, I had to have him!

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