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Medicom: MAFEX Batman Begins Suit and Wonder Woman Movie Version Promo Pics and Info

Just when you think “Okay, I’m only sticking to one property when it comes to MAFEX” Medicom comes along and shows more cool stuff. Sure, the Wonder Woman looks to be reuse but that Batman Begins suit look fantastic!

Now to be fair, I haven’t heard good things about the first release of Wonder Woman. That’s on top of these two releases being dropped at the same time. The last time that happened was with the Dawn of Justice Batman and Superman, where Batman was fairly awesome and Superman was a loose, stuck mess. I could also throw C-3PO and R2 in there, where 3PO is generally hated without some fixes and R2 is a display piece. BUT, the later release of C-3PO with BB-8 seems to be good and a lot of other recent MAFEX releases have been a lot better than MAFEX of old, so hopefully Medicom can keep up this trend and these will be generally hassle-free. Hopefully.

Wonder Woman:

Wonder Woman looks to come with several hand options along with other goodies like a shield, lasso, and sword.

To up the ante a bit, and extra snarling head is also included.

Wonder Woman will run you about $48.

Batman Begins:

Batman also comes with hand options along with a nifty feature for the interchangeable head. An additional chest piece can be added for when the Bruce Wayne head is displayed. The cape is also removable. And then of course there is the standard grapnel gun and batarang.

Batman looks to be a little more expensive at $57.

Both figures are set to release in November.

11 thoughts on “Medicom: MAFEX Batman Begins Suit and Wonder Woman Movie Version Promo Pics and Info

  1. The rubbery plastics used on these flesh pieces make the figures seem more doll like and unrealistic it also softens the portrait hiding the distinguishing characteristics. At least she doesn’t look jaundiced like the BvS Superman or Batman.

  2. Neca’s Batman Begins Batman is horrible! Really bad articulation and a really bad head sculpt. I pass on it every time I see it. My toys r us has 12 in stock and no one has bought a single one in the 2 months they’ve been hanging there.

  3. See, I’m a sucker for DC movie figures. I already have the BvS Wonder Woman (and I actually like it a lot!) but this new figure has me sold based on the newer, brighter looking suit, new sword, shield, lasso and alternate head. And for the $50 it will cost me, I see it as a worthy investment.

  4. Thanks for the tip! I haven’t checked in the past month or so, maybe I’ll swing by and check again.

  5. NECA Batman is still floating around most TRUs, so you can definitely grab it. However, the eyes are atrocious and this is a much better option.

  6. Mafex might finally be correcting their QC issues, but their human faces still look kinda wonky, not terrible, but not amazing either. I kinda group them with the Star Wars Black Series right now, humans are a pass but their troopers and helmeted characters turn out pretty great. I might bite if they make a Mafex Keaton Batman. I still need a Billy Dee Williams Harvey Dent… no one ever made that figure.

  7. I missed the 6″ Neca BB Batman a while back, couldn’t find it, but this definitely eases the pain of missing out on that one and if the quality is there and the promo pictures are accurate to the final product, I’m gonna be very excited!
    I’ve been waiting for WW to go on sale before picking her up, she’s the only Mafex BVS figure I didn’t have and the so-so reviews were a bit disappointing, but now I’m glad I waited! That snarling head looks great! It looks like the skirt is a bit more of a vibrant blue this time around so maybe there are a few changes to the body. The neutral head sculpt looks different from the last one as well in the face, but I guess we’ll see.

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