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Kaiyodo: Amazing Yamaguchi Revoltech Spider-Gwen Proto Pics plus Venom Packaging

There’s just nothing like seeing an action figure in the prototype stages, all greyscaled and bare. You can see the intricacies of the sculpt, the make of the articulation points, the silhouette it cuts. Man, I can’t wait for the Amazing Yamaguchi Spider-Gwen!

But first, let’s take a look at the packaging and insert for the Revoltech Venom.

Yup, same crazy chaotic design as both Spider-Man and Deadpool, and while I prefer a clean, sleek look to packaging at the end of the day I’m just tossing it anyway. But I will admit, it’s fun to look at the packaging for these. Just so much going on. And then the inserts are always a treat too.

But even better are teases for the next figure in the line, Spider-Gwen!

Same articulation scheme and range of movement as what we saw with previous figures and the first female coming only four releases in? I’m digging this line more and more.

Venom releases in April and Spider-Gwen in June. Hopefully we’ll see more of that sweet sweet Wolverine soon too but I’m thinking it won’t be until after we have Venom in our grubby hands.

5 thoughts on “Kaiyodo: Amazing Yamaguchi Revoltech Spider-Gwen Proto Pics plus Venom Packaging

  1. Looking foward to possibly doing some customizing on using the ML Gwen’s unhooded and unmasked heads for this figure. Not sure if scale will permit, but we’ll see.

    You’re right, the ML Gwen is a nice figure for what it is, but that Jub/Spider Girl buck is just too inarticulate for the various Spider Women they’ve put out using it.

  2. Your reviews swayed me awhile back with spider man, after getting the Web head I tracked down dead pool, and now im anxious for venom, and I can’t wait for gwen. This is a great line, and I can’t put them down! It’s like toy crack!

  3. I think the joints and proportions look more natural in a neutral pose than the males of the line. She’ll be my first Revo, though I am super interested in that Wolverine they teased.

    I’m looking forward to this Spider-Gwen since although though I loved the look of the ML version, she wasn’t as poseable as she should be.

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