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Bandai: Star Wars Death Trooper Model Kit Video and Quick Pics

Pssst, have you heard that I love the Bandai Star Wars figure model kits? If you have, you know the drill. Come check out the awesomeness of the Death Trooper from Rogue One. If you haven’t, welcome to a whole new world of building fun and awesome action figures.

There’s just something satisfying about looking at the shelf and knowing that you built an action figure from scratch. Okay, not from scratch, Bandai provided all of the pieces and parts and then gave you instructions on how to build it step-by-step. But you cut those pieces out. You made sure they were ready to be put together. You skipped that one step and then had to backtrack and pull things apart when something wouldn’t work five steps later. But most of all you snapped that final part on and sat back, basking in the glory of a product spawned forth from your time and energy.

It’s a nicely detailed and articulated action figure that comes to you disassembled. You assemble it. Yup.

The Death Trooper model comes with two options. You can build the standard trooper, or you can build the Death Trooper Specialist. This worked for me because at the time I hadn’t seen the movie and thought “Hey, I can build a specialist with the kit and then skip on the Target exclusive Black Series 3 pack with the Jyn that’s been offered twice already, Cassian, and the specialist!” Then I saw the movie and now need that Cassian. I can’t win.

Plus it turns out that I like the model’s standard version more than the Black Series figure so I need one or two more model kits too. I have a fleeting affair with money.





Standard version:

Specialist version:


Hand options: