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Hasbro: Marvel Legends Juggernaut Series Kitty Pryde


ARIEL! SPRITE! SHADOWCAT! KITTY PRYDE! STAR-LORD! Kitty Pryde has had more nicknames and costumes in her short comic book life than most. But ever since her first appearance in 1980 she’s been a staple of the X-Men and the Marvel Universe.

Hasbro’s Juggernaut Series Kitty Pryde is not the first Marvel Legends version; ToyBiz made one back in 2006’s Giant Man Series. I’ll be 100 percent honest: I don’t remember the reception of said figure at the time, but I’ll guess it was a mixed bag. The figure was sporting the Fantastic Four movie Invisible Girl base with a new head. While the figure was short, as Kitty is described in the comics, she was maybe a tad too short. And the head sculpt was a mixed bag as well.


Fast forward to ’16 and we have a brand new version of Kitty, pre-Star-Lord alias, and it is a great figure. Kitty is another figure sporting the Silk base, and it’s a great fit. The head sculpt is fantastic, although it might be a tad on the large side. Hasbro’s Kitty is taller, which might turn off the scale freaks a bit. Then again, I figure in 1980 Kitty was 13, and she’s probably grown a little bit since then, so as an older, more adult character, the size works.


What doesn’t work is her action feature. In the comics Kitty can phase through solid objects. It’s a strange power, but she manages to find its uses. However, this action figure has no phasing action feature, so posing her phasing through Juggernaut would require some photoshopping skills that I don’t have so far.


Kitty does come with Lockheed, her pet dragon. It’s cute but pretty useless. We need an articulated Lockheed and one with a decent size that can be handled. Lockheed is a good pack-in and it is fitting that he comes packaged with Pryde.


The articulation on this figure is par for the course in regards to Hasbro’s new ladies. While posing Kitty, I missed double-hinged elbows. I was trying to pose her with her hand on Lockheed but couldn’t get it right. Aesthetically I like the arms the way they are and fear that adding a double-hinged elbow and a bicep swivel might mess with the look of the arm, but I really wanted to get that pose and wasn’t able to do it. It’s the first time I wished that Hasbro would figure out how to get the double-hinged elbow in there.


You have to get Kitty Pryde. She is a must for any X-Men collection. At this point, besides the original five and the Giant-Sized team, she is one of the oldest characters in the X-Men. She’s had a long tenure and is a must. And for those of you all about the modern Marvel Universe, she’s in the Guardians of the Galaxy, so there’s that. You can pick her up today at the following shops:


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