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Official Fwoosh Marvel Legends Top Ten Vote Results


The annual Marvel Legends top ten vote for 2016 is all wrapped up and the votes are counted. It was a huge turnout this year, as records for most participants, most votes, and most characters voted for were all smashed. There were a total of 507 characters voted for and over 250 participants this year, making this by far the biggest turnout ever.

The biggest and most obvious takeaway of those results is that Fwooshers still really, really like mutants. After seeing Hasbro make, or will soon be making, figures of nine of the top ten last year, you knew this year’s top ten was going to be drastically different. You could almost say it’s an “All-New, All-Different top ten.”

With the release of the Juggernaut wave, Hasbro showed that the X-Men and their supporting characters are all very much in play to get figures made of them. With that realization, it looks like the zeal for Fwooshers to get new and improved versions of their favorite mutant characters has dramatically returned.

Let’s get to the results!

Coming in at number ten is the sometimes bad, sometimes good, but always militant master of magnetism mutant …

10. Magneto.


Magneto finished with 25 votes after getting just 7 votes last year. Now, we did get a Magneto figure just a few short years ago; however, that figure was woefully outdated, body-wise. Now with all the new base bodies that Hasbro has produced, there should be no reason that a new and improved Magneto isn’t right around the corner.


Number nine is a bit of a shocker, but her recent rise in popularity in comics and even talk of her being involved in an upcoming TV show or film explains it all.

9. Squirrel Girl


She’s come a long way from the Great Lakes Avengers, that’s for sure. She’s a super-fun character, and one that I would love to have for the shelf as she’d make a super-fun toy. Toss in a Tippy-Toe pack-in or maybe even a dead Monkey Joe for kicks.

Making his return to the top vote is a familiar face that, maybe more than other characters on this list, is overdue for a figure.

8.  MadroxX-Factor_Vol_3_47_page_00_James_Madrox_(Earth-616)

Like I said, long overdue. This guy has been a mainstay on the top ten list for a few years. With so many yearly top ten vote-getters finally getting figures made this year, it’s hopefully just a matter of time before the Multiple Man get his. His figure may require a bit more tooling that most, but there are certainly some other characters that Madrox’s more civilian outfit can be used for.

Up three spots from his 10th place finish last year is everyone’s favorite multiple personality disorder hero.

7. Moon Knight


While being the one and only non-mutant character on this list, Moon Knight is yet another character in the top ten who definitely needs a figure upgrade. Moon Knight would be an easy, low-new-tooling-required figure. I’ve always been a fan of his all white, badass look. Count me in.

At number six is definitely one of my most-wanted figures. I’ve wanted a proper figure of her ever since her debut on Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends way back when.

6. Firestar


In the last few years, it seems Marvel has made an active push to get Firestar more and more involved in the Marvel universe. Her becoming a bigger member of the X-Men definitely helped get her to this point. The Hellcat figure is just screaming to be used as a base for her.

Number five is no surprise for me. Having been an X-Men, and an Avenger, he could definitely use a figure upgrade since the original was crafted way back in the early days of ToyBiz Legends.

5. Beast

Beast-Marvel-Comics-McCoy-Avengers-Defenders-X-MenThere were quite a few votes for both the Jim Lee and the more classic-styled Beast. Either way, a new super-articulated, furry, blue figure of the X-Men’s resident genius/heart and soul would be highly welcomed. Just as long as it’s not Horse Beast. Yikes.

Speaking of fuzzy blue mutants, coming in at number four is some more proof that the fans want new and improved figures of their favorite mutants.

4. Nightcrawler



Another longtime X-Man with a figure already produced in the earlier days of Legends. As good as that figure was back in the day, I would just love to see Hasbro make a brand new figure of everyone’s favorite blue elf.  Gotta make him in his classic red and white uniform. Throw in some highly functional, extra articulation and scaled to the new Wolverine figure, and this would become my most wanted figure instantly.  Come on, Hasbro, you know you want to.

At number three is a character who is very complex. British, but Asian. A powerful telepath, but also a ninja. She’s a lot of things for sure, but all of them are awesome.

3. Psylocke


There were a few other votes besides the classic ninja version of Betsy. Armored, and, of course, outback.  The vast majority of her 46 votes were all for the scantily clad ninja we all love. Toss in a sword, a psychic knife effect, and maybe even a sheath, and she’ll be perfect. Although I’d be totally fine with an armored version of her too from her pre-ninja transformation days.

Shocker! Another X-Man! Falling just short of the number one spot, it’s the thief who steals hearts of all da fair ladies of da bayou.

2. Gambit


Another character who’s long overdue for an upgraded figure. His previous figure is woefully outdated and really doesn’t fit in with today’s standards of Legends. Seeing as we were just treated to the ultimate Jim Lee-era Rogue figure, not getting a Gambit to go along with her just doesn’t seem right. Make him on the basic medium-sized male body, give him a detailed head sculpt with his trademark glowing eyes, toss him in a trench coat, and you’ll have a winner, cher.

Finally, the winner of the top ten poll is yet again an X-Men female.  Winning the poll with an all-time first place record of 62 votes.

1. Storm


Like a few other characters in the top ten, there were votes for a few different versions of the character. The Jim Lee-era costume had a strong showing, as did the Mohawk/punk-era version. Classic won out in the end. I would actually love to get all three versions of Storm. We have had the Lee-era costume before, but, again, it’s seriously outdated and in need of a major upgrade. Mohawk storm already has the head made for it and could maybe be pulled off with just a repainted body.

It’s obvious, though, that whichever costume Hasbro decides to go with, Storm would be a very hot seller.

Last year the Build-a-Figure vote was separated by only one single vote. This year it wasn’t that close, but again the winner stays the same. Sauron finished second, but it was a distant second once again to the winner.




Different year, same result. Lockjaw has won the BAF vote every single year. I know the Hasbro guys have expressed interest in building a wave around him as the build-a-figure, but still we wait. With the Inhumans movie in limbo now, it’s a little less likely a Lockjaw wave is just around the corner. However, with the Inhumans almost replacing mutants in the comics, I have to feel like he’s still got a shot. I’m still holding out hope that they find a way to get him to us in a wave, sooner rather than later. Maybe even in a wave with a Gorgon, Crystal, Triton, and Karnak?

Well that’s it for the 2016’s Fwoosh Top Ten Marvel Legends poll. So what did you think? Did your top ten characters make the cut? Leave a comment or head on over to the forums and discuss it.

Here are the full totals from this year’s vote:

Storm 62
Gambit 50
Psylocke 46
Nightcrawler 40
Beast 36
Firestar 32
Moon Knight 31
Madrox 28
Squirrel Girl 27
Magneto 25
Silver Surfer 24
Dr. Doom 23
Nighthawk 23
Thor [Jane Foster] 22
Quasar 21
Silver Samurai 21
Executioner 21
Grey Gargoyle 21
Northstar 20
Doc Ock 19
Quicksilver 19
Emma Frost 18
Songbird 18
Crystal 17
Jubliee [Jim Lee] 17
Blink 16
Elektra 16
Mr. Fantastic 15
Mysterio 15
Shang Chi 14
Adam Warlock 13
Blade 13
Colleen Wing 13
Domino 13
Jack of Hearts 13
Luke Cage 13
Mystique 13
Thing 13
Wolverine [X-23] 13
Stingray 13
Aurora 12
Cardiac 12
Night Thrasher 12
Shocker 12
Snowbird 12
Sunspot 12
Vision [MCU] 12
Count Nefaria 12
Johnny Storm 11
Molecule Man 11
Pixie 11
Mandarin 11
Blue Marvel 10
Professor X 10
Puma 10
Ronan 10
Toad 10
Vulture 10
Kitty Pryde [Shadowcat] 10
Magik 10
Attuma 9
Black Knight 9
Deaths Head 9
Goblin Queen 9
Loki 9
Maverick 9
Mr. Sinister 9
Sabertooth (90’s/Jim Lee) 9
She Hulk 9
Sleepwalker 9
Spiderman Noir 9
Wolfsbane 9
X-23 9
Avalanche 8
Banshee 8
Black Widow 8
Colossus (Jim Lee) 8
High Evolutionary 8
Namor [Classic] 8
Scorpion 8
Shatterstar 8
Silver Sable 8
Thunder strike 8
Crimson Dynamo 8
Beetle 7
Dagger 7
Dani Moonstar 7
Deathbird 7
Deathlok 7
Destiny 7
Havoc [jim lee] 7
Justice 7
Kaine 7
Lilandra 7
Prowler 7
Rictor 7
Rom 7
Sebastian Shaw 7
Stepford Cuckoo(s) 7
Tombstone 7
White Rabbit 7
Cannonball 6
Cloak 6
Corsair 6
Diamondback 6
Ghost Rider (Danny Ketch) 6
Howard The Duck 6
Karnak 6
Mantis 6
Mastermind 6
Megan 6
Moondragon 6
Mr Hyde 6
Speedball 6
Spider-Ham 6
Starfox 6
Thor [Classic] 6
Typhoid Mary 6
Wizard 6
Bullseye 5
Cylclops 5
Diablo 5
Falcon 5
Gorgon 5
Human Torch 5
Magma 5
Monica Rambeau [Classic] 5
Psycho Man 5
Quake 5
Rachel Summers [Excalibur] 5
Swordsman 5
Titania [Masters of Evil] 5
Wonder Man [Safari Jacket] 5
Yellow Jacket [MCU] 5
Yondu 5
Graviton 5
America Chavez 4
Arcade 4
Baron Blood 4
Boom Boom 4
Clea 4
Daredevil [Netflix] 4
Doppelganger 4
Dracula [Modern] 4
Firelord 4
Hulking 4
Iron Man [Classic] 4
Jocasta 4
Karma 4
Kingpin 4
Lady Deathstrike 4
Lizard 4
Marrow 4
Mephisto 4
Molly Hayes 4
Monet 4
Omega Red (90’s/Jim Lee) 4
Phyla-Vell 4
Shaman 4
Shriek 4
Siryn 4
Skrull 4
Spiral 4
Living Laser 4
Air Walker 3
Angel 3
Archangel [Angel 90s] 3
Black Tom 3
Chamber 3
Cypher 3
Dazzler (Outback) 3
Ghost Rider [Robbie Reyes] 3
Guardian 3
Hydroman 3
Hyperion [Black and Gold] 3
Iron Man (new Avenger) 3
King Cobra 3
Kree Soldier 3
Lady Loki 3
Longshot 3
Mach IV 3
Moonstone 3
Morph 3
Namora 3
Red Skull (MCU) 3
Slapstick 3
Spitfire 3
Starhawk 3
Stature 3
Strong Guy 3
Super Skrull 3
Thunderbird 3
Tigra 3
Triton 3
Wiccan 3
Wolverine [Old Man Logan] 3
Wolverine [Tiger Stripe] 3
X-Man 3
Iron Man [Extremis] 3
Abigail Brand 2
American Dream 2
Anole 2
Ares 2
Baldar 2
Baron Mordo 2
Beta Ray Bill 2
Crossbones [MCU] 2
Dark Beast 2
Darkstar 2
Dire Wraith 2
Doctor Druid 2
Dr. Strange [Classic] 2
Forge 2
Frog Man 2
Garrison Kane 2
General Ross 2
Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze) 2
Ghost Rider [2099] 2
Gorilla Man 2
Hand Ninja 2
Hellfire Club Guard 2
Hercules 2
Hogun 2
Ikkaris 2
Iron Man [Superior Iron Man] 2
Jean Grey [All-New X-Men] 2
Jean Grey [Jim Lee] 2
Jigsaw 2
Kang 2
Lilith [Daughter of Dracula] 2
Logan 2
Madcap 2
Maggot 2
Man Ape 2
Mesmero 2
Mimic [Exiles] 2
Mirage 2
Molten Man 2
Nate grey 2
Nikki 2
Overdrive 2
Peggy Carter 2
Phoenix [Excalibur] 2
Prodigy 2
Rage 2
Ricochet 2
Rogue [Modern w/ cloak] 2
Selene 2
Sersi 2
Sif 2
Singularity 2
Talisman 2
Taskmaster [Classic] 2
Troll [Gunna Sijurvald] 2
Vector 2
vermin 2
Volstagg 2
Warpath 2
Beetle 2
Abomination [MCU] 1
Agatha Harkness 1
Alex Power [Power Pack] 1
Alistaire Smythe 1
Amadeus Cho 1
Anaconda 1
Ancient One [MCU] 1
Ant Man (Marvel Now) 1
Anti Venom 1
Ant-Man [MCU] 1
Ant-Man [Modern] 1
Apocalypse 1
Apocalypse [Age Of Apocalypse] 1
Arabian Knight [Classic] 1
Arana 1
Armor 1
Asp 1
Aunt May 1
Awesome Android 1
Baron Von Strucker 1
Baron Zemo 1
Bastion 1
Beak [New X-Men] 1
Ben Urich 1
Bengal 1
Bishop (90’s/Jim Lee) 1
Bishop (Age Of Apocalypse) 1
Black Mamba 1
Black Tarantula 1
Blackheart [MVC2] 1
Blazing Skull 1
Blob [Classic] 1
Boomerang 1
Bushmaster 1
Cable ( X- Force ) 1
Cable (90’s/Rob Liefeld) 1
Cable [MVC2] 1
Callisto 1
Calypso 1
Carrion 1
Catseye 1
Cecelia Reyes 1
Charlie -27 1
Chitauri [MCU] 1
Ch’od 1
Citizen V 1
Claire Temple [MCU Netflix] 1
Copycat 1
Cosmo [must be fully poseable] 1
Daisy Johnson 1
Dark Ms. Marvel 1
Deadpool (Movie version) 1
Deadpool [Classic] 1
Demogoblin 1
Destroyer [Golden Age] 1
D-Man 1
Doc Samson [red t shirt] 1
Doctor Demonicus 1
Doom 2099 1
Dr. Hank Pym [MCU] 1
Dr. Spectrum 1
Drax [classic] 1
Dusk 1
Dust 1
Echo 1
Elsa Bloodstone 1
Eric the Red 1
Exodus 1
Fandral 1
Feral 1
Foggy Nelson 1
Foolkiller [Greg Salinger] 1
Frenzy 1
Gamora [Modern Marvel NOW] 1
Gateway 1
Gladiator [Daredevil] 1
Goldballs 1
Goliath II (Clint Barton) 1
Guardsman [Classic] 1
Guido 1
Gwen Stacy 1
Harry Leland 1
Hellstorm 1
Hornet 1
Hulk 1
Human Robot [M-11] 1
Hybrid [Scott Washington] 1
Iceman 1
Iron Fist (classic collar) 1
Iron Man [Modular Armor] 1
Iron Man [Riri] 1
Iron Spider 1
Isaiah Bradley 1
Jack Power [Power Pack] 1
Jack Rusell 1
Jarella 1
Jessica Jones 1
Jim Hammond 1
Jimmy Woo 1
Joe Fixit 1
Joseph Wade Scarlet Spider 1
Joystick 1
julie Power [Power Pack] 1
Karolina Dean 1
Katie Power [Power Pack] 1
Keene Marlow destroyer 1
Kilraven 1
Korvac [cyborg] 1
Korvus 1
Lady Bullseye 1
Lady Sif [MCU] 1
Lockjaw 1
Machete 1
Machine Smith 1
Mad Thinker 1
Madame Web [Julia Carpenter] 1
Maestro 1
Magnus 1
Mania 1
Maria Hill 1
Marrina 1
Marvelman 1
Medussa [Classic] 1
Melinda May 1
Mockingbird [classic] 1
Monica Chang 1
Morg 1
Mr. Negative 1
Ms Marvel (FF costume) 1
Ms. Marvel [Dark] 1
Ms. Marvel [First Appearance] 1
Nebula [Infinity Gauntlet] 1
Nebula [MCU] 1
Netflix Luke Cage 1
Nightmare 1
Nightshade [Tilda Johnson] 1
Nimrod 1
Nomad [classic] 1
Nova [Frankie Raye] 1
Nova [Richard Ryder] 1
Odin [MCU] 1
Odinson (Thor the Unworthy) 1
Omega Sentinel 1
Penance 1
Peter Parker 1
Plantman {mask and cape} 1
Pod [U.S.Avengers] 1
Polaris [Classic] 1
Power man [Victor Alvarez] 1
Power Princess 1
Powerhouse [Alex Power] 1
Puff Adder 1
Punisher (Marvel NOW!) 1
Punisher [Bradstreet] 1
Puppet Master 1
Purple Man [Alias] 1
Purple Man [Netflix] 1
Pyro (Classic) 1
Quasimodo 1
Quintin Quire [New X-men] 1
Random 1
Rawhide Kid 1
Reader (with dog) 1
Red Ghost 1
Red Guardian / Starlight 1
Red King 1
Red Omega (BAF) 1
Regent 1
Rescue 1
Rogue (modern green) 1
Rogue [’80s Jazzersize] 1
Roulette 1
Sage 1
Scarlet Spider (Kaine) 1
Scarlet Witch 1
Scream [Symbiote] 1
Sentry [Spaceknights] 1
Shuma Gorath 1
Sidewinder 1
Silhouette 1
Silverclaw 1
Smythe 1
Solo 1
Son of Satan [70’s] 1
Speed 1
Sphinx 1
Spider Woman [Julia Carpenter] 1
Spider-Knight 1
Spider-Man [Armored] 1
Spider-Man [Hobart Brown] 1
Spiderman Doppleganger 1
Spider-Man India 1
Spider-Punk 1
Spiderwoman [Julia Carpenter] 1
Spider-Woman [Marvel Now] 1
Spider-Woman [Modern] 1
Spot 1
Steel-Spider 1
Steve Rogers [Old Man] 1
Stiltman 1
Sun girl 1
Supaidaman 1
Super Patriot [John Walker] 1
Swarm 1
Synapse 1
Syrin 1
Tabitha Smith (Meltdown) 1
Tarantula 1
Tarn 1
Tarot 1
Thanos [Classic] 1
The Brothers Grimm 1
Thor [Eric Masterson] 1
Thunerbird [John Proudstar] 1
Titanium Man 1
Triathlon 1
Turbo [Mickey] 1
Tygra 1
Ulik 1
Ultron [classic] 1
Union Jack 1
Uranian 1
US Agent [original costume] 1
Vanguard 1
Vapor 1
Venom [Mac Gargan] 1
Venus 1
Vindicator [Heather Hudson] 1
Vlad Dracula [Modern] 1
Vulcan 1
Warlock [Classic] 1
Weapon X [Wolverine] 1
Wendell Vaughn [Annihilation] 1
Whiplash 1
White Phoenix 1
White Tiger [Hector Ayala] 1
Wild Thing [Rina Logan] 1
Wilson Fisk (Netflix) 1
Wizzer 1
X Man 1
X-Cutioner 1
X-Ray 1
Zaran 1
Zero (Mutant Liberation Front) 1
Zero-G 1