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SDCC 2016: DC Icons Reactions

DC Collectibles Icons The Demon Action Figure Featured

DC Collectibles Icons line had me at KooeyKooeyKooey leis. Everything else was gravy.

And if we’re going to get a standard-size 2-pack, who better than Blue Beetle and Booster Gold? No one, that’s who. Diving into the Justice League International with one of comics’ best duos? Sold. If I weren’t already into the line, Blue and Gold would have pushed me into it with no hesitation. And DCC even managed to sneak in Skeets as well. I love the alternate Bwaha-hah face on Booster, although I wish Beetle got one as well.

DC Collectibles Icons Blue Beetle Booster Gold Action Figure 2 PackAfter numerous delays and slow rollout announcements, DCC came roaring with its San Diego Comic Con reveals for the Icons line. Let’s break them down.

DCC’s showing for the Icons line was definitely encouraging with the character and attire selections. I skew classic all day every day, but there’s a few modern designs I don’t mind all that much. Deadshot’s is not one of them. The overly busy New 52 outfit is one of the few that I wholeheartedly loathe, so I’m oh-so-glad DCC went classic in his case.

DC Collectibles Icons Shazam Action FigureI appreciated DCC making complement characters for already existing figures in the line. Nothing is more frustrating than having a villain without his arch-rival, so I’m glad DCC is making sensible character choices. Wave 2 brought us Black Adam and Green Lantern, so the new reveals give us Shazam and Sinestro. Shazam’s head sculpt could use a bit more work, but it fits the New 52 look.

DC Collectibles Icons Sinestro Action FigureSinestro comes with a nice array of construct goodies. Too bad the Sinestro Corps don’t have an adorable kitten DCC could sneak in as a pack-in. Since it’s all but a given DCC won’t go as Lantern-heavy as Mattel, hopefully DCC can crank out five or six big Sinestro Corps members to give Sinestro some backup.

Nightwing continues to add to the Bat family. It’s fitting that the first sidekick/ally is the original Robin himself, Dick Grayson, in his classic blue and black attire. Getting Nightwing early on was important, so DCC can hopefully double dip sooner rather than later to give us the debut “disco” first appearance Nightwing costume. And more Teen Titans. Definitely more Titans. DCC could easily top Mattel on Starfire, Changeling and Kid Flash.

DC Collectibles Icons Catwoman Action FigureSticking with the Bat theme, we get a Jim Balent-style Catwoman. This was a smart choice as this was one of the few versions Mattel didn’t get around to making. This was how Catwoman looked in “Knightfall” — one of my favorite Batman stories — so I’m stoked to add her to the Icons line. And Catwoman works both ways as a Batman ally or villain depending on your display desires.

Etrigan the Demon is one of those characters I think most DC Universe license holders can’t wait to take a crack at to show off their line’s potential. The DC Classics version was one of my favorites in the line, but this could definitely give it a run for its money. I love the additional head sculpt and flame spewing accessory.

DC Collectibles Icons The Demon Action FigureThe most controversial reveal easily had to be the decision to swap the New 52 box set with one featuring the Justice League in their Rebirth look. I don’t think that was the best move — there certainly were enough fans out there to warrant releasing the set — and it negates the point of the honking $100+ Darkseid and Grail set. On the plus side, Batman, Aquaman, Flash and Superman sport improved head sculpts. I’m curious how the Wonder Woman figure turns out. At least this provides some extra value to collectors who grabbed Aquaman and were already planning to get the single-packed Cyborg and Wonder Woman.

I know a lot of collectors were leery about the future of DC Icons, but this SDCC showing certainly has me optimistic about the direction of the line going forward. Now if only DCC will start going after the Legion of Superheroes, the JLA, and Justice Society, we’d really be rolling.