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SDCC 2016: Blitzway 1:12 Ghostbusters

13707788_1355425814485257_6918886523174417173_n - CopyMan, there are a ton of options for Ghostbusters lately. Can’t have too many though, so Blitzway’s entry is more than welcome. I don’t own anything by Blitzway but a perusal of their offerings is impressive. Stop making me want things, SDCC!!13707788_1355425814485257_6918886523174417173_n 13709755_1355425534485285_5720441341646830502_n 13731494_1355425591151946_593353861430419529_n 13754654_1355425641151941_2459724958958116977_n 13775965_1355425511151954_1591844527490363139_n