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Hasbro: Black Series Ahsoka Tano

Ahsoka_01We continue our look at the latest 6-inch scaled Black Series figures today with Ahsoka Tano from Star Wars Rebels! This figure is based on Ahsoka’s look from the Disney XD series, but sculpted in a more realistic style to fit in better with the movie-based Black Series figures. As a big fan of Rebels, Ahsoka, and the more articulated Black Series figures, I’ve been looking forward to this figure quite a bit. Let’s take a look!

Ahsoka_02Ahsoka, for those unfamiliar with the character, was introduced in the Clone Wars cartoon series as Anakin Skywalker’s Padawan learner. This served as a bit of a shock to fans who had already seen all the prequels where no mention of Ahsoka was ever made. Anakin and Ahsoka had a contentious relationship at first and many fans found her cheeky attitude abrasive, but the character grew into a fan favorite over the course of the show.

Ahsoka_03I know some still don’t care for the character, but I liked her from the beginning, and her growth is a high point in the series for me. The Clone Wars needed some characters where you didn’t really know what their fate was to keep it interesting.

Ahsoka_04This figure is based on her appearance in Star Wars Rebels, and while she hasn’t had much relative face time on that show, I’m glad to get this version because it’s her coolest costume yet.


Ahsoka may claim to be no Jedi any longer, but she carries the weapon of a Jedi, two white bladed lightsabers. One saber has a bent handle and longer blade and the other has a straight handle and a shorter blade. Both blades are removable from the hilts and can be swapped between the two.

Ahsoka_06The hilts have rings that correspond with little clips on Ahsoka’s belt so she can hang them there as she does on the show. I love little details like this. The hilts are pretty rubbery to accommodate the swapping feature, but hold the sculpt well.


Ahsoka is a pretty stunning figure. The head sculpt is beautiful and the horns and tails have great skin texture detail to them. I feel like they did a great job in translating the slightly exaggerated Rebels style into a more realistically proportioned character.

Ahsoka_08The armor looks like it does on the show and features a lot of cool, textural detail. Ahsoka cuts an impressive and realistic feminine figure. Sometimes companies will over-sexualize their female figures or make them a little too small in proportion to the male figures, but they got it exactly right here.


Ahsoka’s movement is really impressive except for one spot, the head. As you would expect, those head tails get in the way of a lot of head movement. She’s mostly down to a head swivel. The combination of soft plastic and cloth at the hip armor/skirt allows for good leg movement, and the mid-torso articulation is one of the more successful versions of this articulation I’ve seen from Hasbro. Ahsoka’s articulation breaks down like this:

  • Ball-and-socket mid-torso and neck
  • Swivel-hinged neck, shoulders, hips, ankles, and wrists
  • Double-hinged knees
  • Swivel thighs


Paint is pretty great on Ahsoka. All the tattoo detail on her face and head tails is solid. They keep it simple but effective here. I did notice, after looking at close up pics, the blue of her eyes does bleed over to her lower lid a bit, which gives her a bit of dead stare.


I love this figure. She’s well done on pretty much all fronts with only one minor complaint being the head articulation is limited. I can cut slack there because the character design makes it hard to create an accurate sculpt and allow for full movement.

Ahsoka_12I like this figure so much more than the 4-inch scaled version I recently picked up. I think it’s a great representation of Ahsoka in Rebels, and having a sort of “live action” version of the character draws the show more into the shared Star Wars universe for me. I don’t think we’ll see these characters in a live action film, but I like that I can place the Rebels, and by extension Clone Wars, crew with my Black Series movie figures.

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