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Hasbro: Marvel Legends Giant-Man Series Quick Pics

Hasbro Marvel Legends Giant-Man Series featured

Hasbro Marvel Legends Giant-Man Series is hitting eBay and I managed to get myself a complete set of figures. I know that this is going to be spoilerific for some you, and you may not know that Giant-Man is in the movie. You already know about Ant-Man but not Giant-Man. Now you do. We will have full review soon, but here are some quick previews.

And this set is amazing. I’m half a Hulkbuster Series, a complete Onslaught Series, an Absorbing Man series, and a bunch of exclusives and box sets behind, so I was super ecstatic to get a full series of Marvel Legends at Casa Lobo. So excited, that I’ve spent most of the night playing with these figures and not taking pictures or spending time with my family, which is horrible, I’m certain. But I don’t care ’cause I am having fun.

My quick first impressions are that these figures are awesome. The only issues I’ve had are Nick Fury’s head sits high with a loose neck joint, and Black Panther has some kind of funkiness going on with his biceps and shoulders. His arms flare out, which I fixed by putting the left bicep on the right shoulder and swapped out the lower arms and vice versa.

Over the next few days we’ll be bringing you individual reviews of each figure! For now enjoy these group shots and packaged pics!

Hasbro Marvel Legends Giant-Man Series

Hasbro Marvel Legends Giant-Man Series Movie

Hasbro Marvel Legends Giant-Man Series Comic

Hasbro Marvel Legends Giant-Man Series Black Panther

Hasbro Marvel Legends Giant-Man Series Black Panther 2

Hasbro Marvel Legends Giant-Man Series Captain America

Hasbro Marvel Legends Giant-Man Series Captain America 2

Hasbro Marvel Legends Giant-Man Series Iron Man Mk 46

Hasbro Marvel Legends Giant-Man Series Iron Man mk 46 2

Hasbro Marvel Legends Giant-Man Series Red Guardian

Hasbro Marvel Legends Giant-Man Series Red Guardian 2

Hasbro Marvel Legends Giant-Man Series Nick Fury

Hasbro Marvel Legends Giant-Man Series Nick Fury 2

Hasbro Marvel Legends Giant-Man Series Nuke

Hasbro Marvel Legends Giant-Man Series Nuke 2

28 thoughts on “Hasbro: Marvel Legends Giant-Man Series Quick Pics

  1. That’s funny,Justin!?
    Check out the flick.
    It’s truly marvellous.

  2. IRONMAN 3?!!!? uhh ew!
    I give up! You win! I have no arguments for the Mark 42 on the account of non-canonical nonsensical hot mess that is the worst movie in the MARVEL MCU franchise!?
    (ROTFLMAO!…. etc
    No.? Seriously.
    Fox Fantastic4 made more sense.)
    But,…ok,I will play along.
    In the realm of fictional tech,the remote assembly MK42 “extremis”? Armour is highly tangential to comic logic.
    The bigger an object the more energy it takes to move it.
    Thus vice versa applies to the smaller pieces of the remote armour. Less energy. You mentioned Pym particles? That would make more sense. Like DC legend’s Atom who shrinks his suit,then enlarges it when needed,but…Stark didn’t have access to the Pym’s work. Hank made it crystal clear in the Antman movie of the ardent means he went through to keep it out of Stark’s hands!
    As for the cause and effect of an object moving through space and the kinetic havoc caused by such phenomena from its wake ,such as meteorites or UFOs there’s always some fictional science writing device used to negate such natural occurring forces.
    Anti-matter,Dark matter, proton beams, gravity or anti-gravity beams,the power cosmic, spectral magic forces, repulser tech, interdimensional fields, etc like DC’s Flash and other speedsters are enveloped in the Speed Force when they move at up to such speeds(lightspeed) capable of time travel. The SF keeps their wake from causing all manner of destruction from occurring to the atmosphere surrounding them.
    Perhaps Stark’s MK42 uses some simular type imaginary energy device?
    That’s just my two cents sense of comic book logic handbook hypothetical science laws.

  3. lolol I haven’t seen it yet, but I’m sure I will soon…
    Well that’s wrapped up in a nice little package. Good ol Cap looks at reality bending science and engineering, and he decides “I’ll punch him the feet!”
    You win, next time I order my suit, I’m adding extra armor to the bottom of my shoes. lol

  4. That’s a lot of power armor info up there. I love it 🙂
    You make a good point about the repulsors in his hands being for stabilization, and not for propulsion. That actually does seem pretty obvious in both the comics and the movies.
    But what about the part in Ironman 3 where he’s tied to the bedframe, or whatever it is, and the bad guys have their guns drawn on him. He flicks his hands, waits two seconds, gets angry his suit isn’t crashing through the window, and tries again. If he’s in Florida, and his suit is Stark Tower in New York, he’s expecting the individual parts of his suit to travel that 1600 km in two seconds. The thrust needed to accelerate anything up to 800 km/s instantly, is tremendous (imagine the energy needed to accelerate a bullet to just 1 km/s), and then they need the thrust to stop immediately once they get there. None of those thrusters, which I imagine would need to way more powerful thrusters than the ones that make him fly, are visible. In fact, they seem to be an after-thought, the hardest part of ordeal is getting the pieces to work together once they get there.
    Insofar as heatsinking goes, that’s an even bigger problem. When those pieces of his armor got there (or at least his hand?), after traveling 800 km/s, they didn’t seem to be hot. In reality, they’d probably melt everyone in the room as soon as they got there. Asteroids hit the earth at like 30 km/s, those can create some huge airbursts (The Tunguska Event left a burnt out area of like 2,000 square kilometers.) Meteoroids are generally not hot because the outer, hotter shell is torn off, but Mark 46 seems to be losing zero mass. Whatever technology he has to make it so he’s not melted by the arrival of his suit… I was reading this science fiction short story about a ship that could fly into a star’s corona by releasing these thousands-of-kilometers long filaments. Ironman probably just uses Pym Particles though, which if I’m Hank Pym, i’m totally issuing a cease and desist.
    Also, there was the part where Rhody’s suit wasn’t working, and the guy was cutting through it with his hot hot hands. Rhody was getting hot, but he wasn’t really suffering from whatever kind of heat can melt through a Tony Friggin Stark suit, therefore, the heatsinking seems to work even when the suit is powered down. Could be Pym Particles, but I’m thinking Rhody is too tough for extreme temperatures… he just shrugs that off and keep s doing his job.

  5. Hey,Justin! Have you seen Cap:Civil War? SPOILERS!
    DID you see that Cap attacked Tony’s ankles and feet in order to disable his armour’s flight propulsion?
    Lol?wow–didn’t see tht coming–or did we? Haha..
    I chuckled in the theater when I immediately thought of this thread post!

  6. Well,Justin. That’s cool. I just see it differently and perhaps I was not all that clear. My bad.
    Elo is right. According to MARVEL handbook in the comics Stark is 6’1″and 6’6″in the armour. My guess is that the extra five inches would be split between the helmet and the boots. This isn’t just vertically but in width also,as the armour would be larger than the body of the man it contains proportionally.
    Human feet are bigger and thicker than human hands as such the standard shoe is thicker than a glove. Extending this to the IronMan powered flying exosuit it can be extrapolated that the fully armoured suit would have thicker soles on the rocket powered boots than the palms of repulser equipped gauntlets.
    Gauntlets which are used not for main flight propulsion,but for directional navigation by the repulsers.
    The jet boots would have to be thick for several reasons other than initial defensive properties. Indeed fingers, feet, ankles etc are all viable targets in combat. There are several martial art systems that focus on wrist and ankle strikes in order to disarm a swordsman.
    No reason this tactical logic would not extend to a man in a flying suit of armour.
    Next is that the suit from comic concept to cinema “realism” allows for the idea that Stark’s suit is not just a conventional suit of armour kin to what a 14th century knight would wear. It’s a push-pull powered exoskeleton flying frame with self contained environment.
    In other words the suit is
    air-conditioned. That means it’s insulted as there would definitely be heat build up from the basic functions and onboard systems especially the jet boots.
    I imagine outside of the initial exterior layers of insulation the armour plating in the boots would have to allow for heat sinks just below the micro turbines(kin to combat jets)

    IMHO the differences between an exosuit–which is usually worn–and a mech(which is usually driven or piloted) serve as an interesting tangential juxtaposition to this topic.
    Man in exosuit is going to be taller and and bulkier just by design. But what is the limitation and where is the line that crosses over from man in suit(ie mk46) to a full blown mech?(ie Hulkbuster)
    My point being the suit of armour always augments the size of the wearer.
    The 1st MCU IronMan is much bigger than 1st comic IM ever was! In the classic comics Tony carried his armour around in a briefcase/suitcase! LOL

  7. I’m thinking that since the repulsors in his hands propel him through the air, the ones on his feet don’t need to more complex, and therefore don’t need to be bigger. He shouldn’t have as much armor under his feet as he does anywhere else, because he doesn’t get shot in the feet. It’d the be same as the broadsides to an old sailing warship; you don’t put armor on the back of the ship because you want it all on the sides where the other ship is going to hit you.

  8. We’re talking practical mechanical applications here. This isn’t comic book 1960s shellhead who wore a skin tight “microscopic metal mesh”suit of armour.
    Allowing for errors from movie model to toy figure and accounting for improvisation of fictional systems and RDJ physique versus “Tony’s” you gotta hypothesize that since the suit is a powered exoskeleton and way more intricate than a our modern spacesuits that the soles of the boots thrustsers would 3″ alone not taking into account the locomotives of the exoskeleton and armour plating.
    The MCU practical suit is definitely thicker than the ol comic version.
    I’d guess like a mini version of a mech-suit.
    Just my nerd two cents

  9. I just can’t picture where those extra inches are coming from. If there are two inches of plating from the top of his head to the top of the helmet (which is still a lot), that means his boots have three-inch platforms. If his armor fits snuggly enough around his hands for him to articulate his fingers, and still have room for his repulsors, it seems like his boots wouldn’t be that thick. I don’t have exact measurements, but it [i]looks[/i] like the EVA boots astronauts wear aren’t even that thick. If Buzz Aldren doesn’t need 3 inches to walk on the moon, Tony Stark doesn’t need three inches to mix a martini for Pepper Potts.
    I must beg your pardon, that’s apparently where my “unreasonable nerd” lies… the thickness of boots. Laser swords are reasonable, thick boots are not.

  10. Shnikes. That’s high praise. Outside of the loose arm joints, that figure was perfect. It’s just a sign of how far Marvel Legends have come in the last year, though.

  11. Thats what I was thinking. While it would be cool to get a ToyBiz size GM, as long he’s noticeably bigger that a regular size person I’m good. Plus we don’t know how big he will get in the actual movie?

  12. Cool! Just from the various pics I’ve seen this looks like a good set of figures!

  13. Wait RDJ is 5’8″??? Dang, I don’t feel too short any more

  14. Comic Tony Stark is 6’1″ barefoot and 6’6″ in many of his armors, though each armor vaires.
    Robert Downey Jr is 5’8″ on a good day, though he seems to play taller in the films. I’m not sure how tall to audience is supposed to think MCU Iron Man is.

    Despite being an MCU armor this figure is a pretty good height for a comic Iron Man.

  15. Finally they include repulsor blast effect pieces for Ironman. Not gonna get any of this wave except maybe the Antman BAF, but it’s nice to see Hasbro moving somewhat in the right direction when it comes to accessories.

  16. Love this set, gonna have to get quite a few Nick Furys to assemble a new Shield team with those other heads!

  17. My Nick Fury is away to loose, but I love the Dirk Anger head. As Nick Fury, I much prefer my old one.

  18. Iron Man is huge. Largest movie one in a while and will dethrone my figma Iron Man from my collection. Word of caution, the hips suuuuucckkkk.
    But you could convert the extra Caps to S.H.I.E.L.D. soldiers with the soldier head pack in.

  19. “…which is horrible, I’m certain.” lol
    That’s a huge Ironman. How high are we assuming his platform armor boots are?
    It’d be great if they could double-pack the Nick Fury so we can army build… No? Gonna go ahead and double-pack that Captain America? Again? Gonna go ahead and give him less accessorries, and then just put two in the box? Gonna smile a bit while you do it? Gonna whistle, and maybe wink, then just pack two in the box? Rad.
    I am excited for most of the wave, though. 5/6 interesting figures aint bad.

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