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Hasbro: Marvel Legends Captain America: Civil War Nick Fury


Good gracious (sorry, Cap would not want me to swear), can you believe that the second series of the Civil War Marvel Legends is hitting already? Well, I mean, they are kind of hitting already insofar as they have been released in Asia, but if you know anything about us, you know we would not be able to wait the extra weeks until they hit stateside for us to get our greedy mitts on them.

The good part is that we are very pleased to share our thoughts and pictures with you now that we have them, and since Pabs is handling the movie figure reviews, and Robo is taking it to YouTube, that means you are stuck with me for the comic-based figures in this assortment. It seems like it was just a couple of weeks ago (because it was a couple of weeks ago) when I was talking about the first assortment’s Captain America (comic-based) and Sharon Carter, but good news for the guy who couldn’t figure out why movie Cap was not included in that assortment: he is in this one.

However, to keep the (seemingly) complex release pattern going, we are also getting a smattering of other non-movie figures in this Giant Man assortment, and I am kicking it off with a look at a character whose comic version I certainly did not expect to see here, especially in its classic incarnation: Nick Fury. Yep, the Howling Commando cum Executive Director of SHIELD is back in his classic look, and if you have been hankering for some swingin’ Steranko action, you are going to want this figure for sure. I have always had a special affinity with this character because we share the same name, but even I wasn’t prepared to see him make his debut at Toy Fair last month.

Nick Fury has, in my opinion, been handled very well in the Marvel Cinematic Universe thus far, and Samuel L Jackson, in his usual fashion, brings a lot of depth and entertainment value to the character. The character (based on the Ultimate comic version) was quite literally made for him, and as far as giving the character an imprint in popular culture, I am so pleased with what the movies have been able to bring us. However, we very recently got a figure of that movie version in a Toys R Us box set, so it is kind of cool to see the classic version get its day in the sun, and Nick even brought the ability to army-build SHIELD agents with him. If you are wanting to build the movie Giant Man figure, you are going to need to get at least one of these, and if you are like me, you won’t be disappointed.


For all intents and purposes, I have not ever had a chance to upgrade my classic Nick Fury that came out waaaaaaay back in series five of the ToyBiz run. I know that Hasbro released an update to the figure in a two-pack several years ago, but I never cared for head sculpt, and I used the base to get some Dum Dum Dugan representation on my shelf. So that old ToyBiz figure has been a stalwart in my collection, even though he hasn’t really aged gracefully. Don’t get me wrong, I still LOVE that old figure’s head sculpt, but the base body used for the figure was wrong to begin with, so it was pretty much handicapped from the start.


This new release utilizes the now-classic Black Panther base body, and it far more fitting for Nick’s physique. Of all of the bases currently in the ML parts library, I feel this is the most appropriate one to use, and since it is essentially a “nude” suit, it covers the foundation of Nick’s base outfit pretty well. Gone is the jacket and cargo pants, while the navy blue jumpsuit with white boots has returned. The rest of the outfit details are handled via glued-on pouches and straps, and they work pretty well here. They all have some painted wash detail, so it is not just stark clean white, and if you are used to the Hasbro method by now, you can bet that there is a holstered gun that is not removable. That is not so bad, though, because the figure does include his classic pistol (now THIS could have used some paint details), and the leg holster can store that perfectly, so he does have some function to go with his form.

As I mentioned, the figure also includes three different heads: Nick himself, a SHIELD agent, and a helmeted look. The latter is just great, and I have a feeling I will be going back to the well a couple of times for this figure so I can have a couple of agents flanking the boss man. The un-helmeted head is a little wacky in terms of expression (that’s Dirk Anger, for you), even if the eye piece is neat in its translucent green glory, so even though I won’t have much use for it, it is a free extra piece, so I am not going to bitch about it. The Nick Fury head is perfectly fine as well, and it represents the character well. Like most Hasbro heads, it could use some more paint detail, but they did take a stab at supplying the five-o’clock shadow, so that is a cool detail.


I still cannot break myself of the fact that, even though I find this Fury head sculpt to work just fine, I don’t like it as much as that old ToyBiz version. Yeah, I was never a fan of the rest of that figure, but the head sculpt on that figure remains AMAZING, and it is so dynamic. I think I’m having trouble adjusting to the more placid expression on this new figure. That might just be me, but I thought I would point it out; I don’t mean to detract from this new sculpt at all, but making comparisons is in our nature, so I pretty much just the predictable thing, even if it is just a matter of opinion.

Overall though, this is a great figure, and I very pleased that it has been included in this assortment. Thanks to the movies and TV show, SHIELD agents have certainly gotten their fair share of representation lately, so we just could not go without their leader in his classic look. I certainly recommend this figure, even if you were likely going to buy him anyway, so when this assortment hits (probably closer to the movie release) be sure to grab at least one.


33 thoughts on “Hasbro: Marvel Legends Captain America: Civil War Nick Fury

  1. Looks like a great figure , here in Brazil its a very expensive to buy a Marvel Legends , its like pay 160 dollars for a single figure

  2. Maybe, I’m wrong, but it seems like the head is based on the King himself. He always said Nick was how he saw himself but Ben was probably how the rest of the world sawhim:)

  3. I know I’m beating a dead horse here by being redundant,but I like every Nick Fury figure ever made and the original TML figure STILL holds up rather well.
    There’s no collector crime in troop building or using multiple Nicks in your displays guys.
    Say it with me Life Model Decoys!(LMD)
    Fury deployed his robot android clones the way Victor does Doombots(he’s just more super spy sneaky surreptitious with it!) lol..hahaha.

  4. LOL Kids Kids don’t make me come back there!?
    I swear I will turn this Green Machine around and land in 1963!?lol

  5. Kids Kids don’t make me come back there!?
    I swear I will turn this Green Machine around and land in 1963!?lol

  6. Welcome your majesty.
    How might a royal non comic enthusiast as yourself wind up here?
    Happy that you love the figures.
    As an enthusiast of all things fantasy and superhero fiction I present to you a device called the Multiverse or many worlds theory. Perhaps you’ve heard of it? Movies and tv shows like Sliders, Flash Forward,and Lost used it prominently.
    In real publication time the first Nick Fury is White,because if real world issues,then later on in the alternate comic world designated as the Ultimate universe Nick Fury is conceived of as being Black in the image of Samuel L. Jackson. So the Avengers movies are partially based on the ULTIMATES comic version of the Avengers.
    As a fan of sci-fi,I love the idea that there could be myriad of universes stacked one to the other where EVERY possibility exists. It’s the perfect equalizer within the imagination.

  7. Here here! Huzzah,capt!
    Well said.
    Nick is head honcho,so I see him getting this 3rd figure,but do you think DDD has a good chance of getting a redo?
    If not,I’m happy with the 1st figure.

  8. The last Maria Hill figure still holds up really well. Now that we have a new Sharon Carter I popped the MH head back on, looks good.

  9. Not any more its not lol, this is old comic Fury, Proper Fury is Sam L Jackson Fury.:p

  10. Oh my goodness that trigger finger though! if he pulls the trigger with his finger THAT far into it, he is gonna miss his target by a mile.
    I’m no comic enthusiast so to me, Nick Fury is Samuel L. Jackson, so it is a bit strange seeing a white Nick Fury, but I like the face nonetheless. It’s got a really nice expression on it. I like the figure overall and this wave might be the reason for me to buy a Marvel Legends figure. And I really really want the entire wave. Can’t wait for em to hit retail.

  11. While I’m more into the Japanese based lines (Figuarts and Figma and the like) this will likely be the first ML figure I’ll pick up. Mostly for the troop building aspect… something the Japanese lines still lack.

  12. “the figure also includes three different heads: Nick himself, a SHIELD agent, and a helmeted look.”

    VeeBee, you should read Nextwave: Agents of HATE. It’s really good.

  13. This one is Proper Director Fury. The other is Ultimate or Movie Director Fury. Darn, we usually agree.

  14. I’m glad we’ve got Nick. I’m looking forward to having him and a couple of Shield Agents from this figure. Now, if we could get Dum Dum Dugan to round out the cast, it would be great. I’m happy that Hasbro is doing such good quality figures to add to my collection.
    Keep it up, please.

  15. No offense to generic grizzled white guy Fury but this figure to me is an army builder, I want at least 3 and they are all going to have helmeted heads to go with my Maria Hill, Sharon Carter, Mockingbird and Proper Director Fury figures.
    I’ve probably said it before but if we have a new classic comic Fury I’d love to get a new classic comic Hill in the same style as this one. Maria Hill, alternate head for whoever, then a helmeted head to give us a female soldier army builder. That would be awesome.

  16. Yep 🙂 I just discovered it around Star Wars month, but I’m a regular listener now. It’s a really fun show.

  17. I agree with your preference for the Toybiz version, but not for the same reasons. The Hasbro head sculpt, while generic, is acceptable to me as alternative to Toybiz’s grizzled portrait, since modern-day Fury is less the gung-ho Howling Commando than the shadowy tactician. It’s actually the body that bugs me more. While the single belt on the Toybiz one was just as inaccurate as the single strapped holster here, I disagree that the “nude” look resembles the comics. Fury’s suit is form fitting, but hardly tight enough to lack wrinkles altogether (even Steranko gave it a rubbery, scuba suit look, and you know how he was about showing off his action hero physiques.)

    I know the misuse of “laziness” to describe figure production came up on this week’s Fwooshcast, but too many elements of Hasbro’s Legends fit this label for me. This is their second attempt at classic Fury and he still doesn’t have even a painted-on collar. The pistol looks like an unpainted punch-out from a plastic model kit. The extra heads are cool, but we know it’s just to get collectors to buy the same figure multiple times when they didn’t even get the suit right. I was excited for these Civil War figures to be my first commitment to a full wave (Black Panther and Nuke look incredible, so I was willing to forgive buying another Cap and Iron Man for the Giant Man BAF) but three of six $15-20 figures I don’t need is a bit too much to ask.

  18. Considering this is only the first Legends line to be based on Civil War, then “no” I can’t believe this is the second Civil War wave. The last one was just Captain America…not Capatain America: Civil War.

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