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Fwoosh Best of 2015: Figma Solid Snake

figma Metal Gear Solid Solid Snake featured 1

Figure of the year is about the figure that I keep going back to. And this year that category was filled with a lot of goodness. I almost went for a Marvel Legend, but I decided against that this year, ‘specially since so many of the staff were choosing Legends. I decided to look into my non-Legends pile and pick from there, and there was really only one to choose from — Figma’s Solid Snake.

I reviewed this figure back in June, and I’ve had a ton of fun playing and posing with this figure since then. Yes, the figure has its flaws, some loose joints, an expensive price point, but there is very little “wrong” with this figure. It does everything that you expect Solid Snake to do.

Without a doubt, this figure left me wanting more Metal Gear Solid figures, and with the current state of things at Konami, we can only hope to see more from Figma.

figma Metal Gear Solid Solid Snake

figma Metal Gear Solid Solid Snake 1