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Top 5: Make My Jessica Jones Marvel Legends, Hasbro



We live in a Golden Age of figure collecting. Nowadays if a comic property has a movie or TV tie-in, there’s a better than average chance it’ll get a figure or even a dedicated wave.

Thanks to the successful Netflix/Marvel partnership, characters who might not be able to carry their own film are getting a binge inducing series. First it was Daredevil and now the equally fantastic Jessica Jones. If you haven’t started watching yet, you really have to start now.

With Hasbro’s willingness to tap into every avenue of the Marvel Universe, it’s not inconceivable to consider a Marvel Legends wave influenced by the newest Marvel TV star. Time for a wishlist!

jessica jones comicJessica Jones — The beauty of Jessica Jones is she doesn’t require any debate on modern or classic costume. Standard civilian clothes will be just fine. Give her Jessica’s show outfit of a leather jacket, jeans, and mini boots and we’ve got a rare character whose toned down live-action media appearance is perfectly in line with its comic look.

the purple manKilgrave, aka The Purple Man — Here’s where Hasbro can have a little fun. Yes, he’s another character in a suit — but purple! This one can have a bit more fun with a purple toned skin tone for a more comic book visual.

Luke Cage — Jessica’s on-and-off-again love interest got a Marvel Legends figure, but it was one of the harder figures to track down since it was in an SDCC exclusive box set. And in all fairness, it wasn’t the greatest figure as Hasbro was still working out the kinks to reach the level they’re consistently knocking out these days.

Colleen_Wing_(Earth-616)Colleen Wing — Hasbro hasn’t been shy about releasing two females in one wave, and with the release of Misty Knight, it only makes sense to have her private investigator partner. With her practically all-white costume, Colleen will stand out on shelves. Had we not already gotten a Hellcat figure, Trish would definitely be taking this spot.

The Hood — One of the bigger Marvel villains in the last decade was in the running for inclusion in the revamped Marvel Legends line, but he missed the cut and is still awaiting a figure. Hood is a pretty basic looking villain and won’t need a lot of new sculpting so this would be an ideal time to finally get him.

Moon Knight — We’ve long been overdue an updated Moon Knight and Marvel’s mysterious mercenary would be a terrific addition in this wave. The most important thing is we get a cape that’s pliable enough to allow for Moon Knight to posed to showcase his agility. And no silver highlights.