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Morning Rush: More Marvel Legends News, Barnes&Noble

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Ok, this circus has to stop. Yesterday on the Fwoosh forums, Fwoosher Ash Talon posted UPC’s, there was no hint of where the UPC came from who posted them or where they were found. Later in the day Marvelousnews.com did post that these UPC’s were from Barnes&Noble. Being the very cautious cat that I am, I held off including them in my list, but I have confirmed that using the listed UPC’s will result in items in Barnes&Noble system. I don’t know what these system listing mean, are these real? are they fake? is Hasbro messing with us? Is Marvel? Are the retailers just trying to get some post holiday hits in? Who knows, I haven’t gone back to Hasbro to confirm anything and I’m the fence, reach out to them or wait til Toy Fair? Until then, enjoy this information with a grain, or two, of salt.

Parents please note, these are listed as “AVN” and searching for “AVN” might give you some Not Safe For Work eye opening results.

from Ash Talon:

630509310890 Thundra
630509310906 Valkryie
630509310913 Blizzard
630509310920 Hero Number One (obviously a TBD or to be named later)
630509310937 Dr. Strange
630509310944 Iron Man NOW
630509310951 War Machine

After yesterday’s run down this requires an unexpected update, plus I made some mistakes in my listings yesterday. Here is the new update to this year’s Marvel Legends. I’ve also thrown out a $139.99 guess on the Barnes & Noble set bringing our grand total, including approximately $12 shipping per set (SDCC not included) to $1205.92 for the year. Ladies and Gents, hold on to your pocket books this is a banner year for Marvel Legends.

Marvel Legends Odin (case): Scarlett Witch, Captain Marvel, Machine Man, Iron Fist, Sentry, Hawkeye, Thor, Old Thor, Odin = $159.99 (Based on BBTS(does not include an extra $19.99 for another Thor))
Marvel Legends Thanos (set): Thanos, Hellcat, Spiderwoman, Batroc, Captain America, Hulk, Iron Man Mark 43 = $139.99 [EDUCATED GUESS – Based on Spider-man Legends Hobgoblin Series box set price]
Marvel Legends Hobgoblin (set): Spidergirl, Spidergirl, Anti-Venom, Spider-man, Spidey 2099, Daredevil, Hobgoblin = $139.99 (Based on BBTS)
Marvel Legends Ant Man (No Date): Tigershark, Bulldozer, Giant-Man, Ant-Man, Grim Reaper, Wasp = 139.99 [EDUCATED GUESS – Based on Spider-man Legends Hobgoblin Series box set price]
Marvel Legends Barnes&Noble (set): Thundra, Valkryie, Blizzard, Hero Number One, Dr. Strange, Iron Man NOW, War Machine, BAF = $139.99 [EDUCATED GUESS – Based on Spider-man Legends Hobgoblin Series box set price]
Marvel Legends Agents of Shield (based on target 3-pack): Coulson, Maria Hill, Fury = $49.99 [EDUCATED GUESS – Based on Target 3 Pack box set price]
Guardian of the Galaxy Box Set (based on tru box set): Rocket, Drax, Groot, Gamorra, Star-Lord = $89.99 [EDUCATED GUESS – Based on All New X-Men box set price]
SDCC (based on 2014): figure 1, figure 2, figure 3, figure 4, figure 5 = $110 [EDUCATED GUESS – Based on 2014 SDCC box set price]