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Hasbro- Toys R Us Exclusive X-Men Legends Infinite

That’s right, the X-Men Legends Infinite assortment we caught wind of last week are Toys R Us exclusives. Which I guess makes sense in a weird sort of way. I mean, there isn’t a lot of media push behind the X-Men right now. The last assortment dedicated to the X was exclusive to Diamond and fairly easy to find, especially Emma Frost. And TRU has a great track record of stocking their shelves with their exclusives.

Y’all believe that, right? Neither do I. But I guess if this is the only way to get me toys then I’ll have to suck it up and hit my TRU. Which I guess isn’t that bad, that is where I did eventually find my Black Widow. And the ML6 variants on several occasions back in the day.

Let’s get the two rehashes out of the way, starting with Wolverine.

It looks like he doesn’t come with a BAF piece, so that’s good news for those who plan to pass on him. And I can see why some would. Men, I can’t pass up a Wolverine. I can’t help myself. It looks like the head sculpt is nice but suffers bad paint. I wish Hasbro would take a chance and shorten those legs a bit (or a lot) and give us a short Logan. Even if it wasn’t Wolverine the legs look too long in proportion to the torso.

Look, another Cyclops!

I’m not going to lie, I hated this costume when it appeared. I stopped reading most of the stories with this costume in it. And I’m going to buy this figure. I have no clue why. Something about it just works for me even if it doesn’t on the comic page. Maybe it’s the fact that the base body is reusable and he has two fists? Fists! Fodderiffic!

Then there’s Storm!

That packaged pose is hilarious. Hey, let’s cover up most of the figure! As for the figue itself, I’m happy to be getting a Storm with a proportional head. Yeah, I’m looking at you Jim Lee “Is the costume black, silver, wor white?” Storm! And the mohawk is icing. She looks to be an easy change into punk Storm and that makes me happy. But I have a feeling I’ll be happy just to find one, if any at all.

Yay, I’ve been wanting a Magneto to replace the bulky bulge ridden original!

Wait, what? I’m really hoping that the cape can be dropped or modified to actually sit on the shoulders, in turn hiding some of that ugly torso. The head is interesting, we’ll need to see it in person, maybe in primer, to confirm if the sculpt is there or not. But, he does have sculpted gloves and boots so maybe customizers are a base body away from a great Magneto?

Finally, Stryfe! I never thought we’d get a Stryfe.

And he looks great. Despite what I’ve read I really think this is the Sabretooth/Hyperion base. Check the slightly offset abs. Okay, maybe it’s just the abs and everything else is new, but it gives us an idea of his size. And I’m okay with that. Now can we get a Cable at this same size? X-Force era please?

All in all, I’m down for most of these figures to leave as is or to use as nice custom fodder. I wish there was a picture of Jubilee assembled but from what I can piece together she looks good even if she’s not in her iconic costume.