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Happy Hour- SPOILERS! Avengers: Age of Ultron, Agents of SHIELD, and TF Masterpiece Soundblaster

Avengers: Age of Ultron is currently filming in South Korea so of course we’re going to start seeing spoiler pictures. Pabs showed an on-set pic of Ultron wearing a snazzy winter coat and now we see pictures of Cap, Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, Iron Man, and Hawkeye.

Avengers Age of Ultron Leaked PictureYeah, Wanda and Pietro are still in their civilian gear. Hopefully. Nice homage to the lightning bolts though. I like the slight color change on Iron Man, shifting it a little closer to the comic look. Hawkeye looks to be in cold weather version of his regular costume. And Cap. Cap! Is that a variation on the World War II duds? YES! I love that version. I say all of this not knowing what happens in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, so maybe something there happens to leave him in this costume as I know it appears.

And with that, I go into internet Avengers spoiler hibernation. No more from me. I don’t want to know.

Agents of SHIELD, on the other hand, I have no problem looking at spoilers. And the show doesn’t really make it that hard, revealing things themselves.

Agents of SHIELD DeathlokFor everyone saying that Deathlok doesn’t resemble his comic counterpart, well, here we go. Now if only we can get him into red instead of blue.

This isn’t really a spoiler in the new internet slang sense, more of the traditional sense. As in, I was looking on Ebay for cheap Transformers Masterpiece (yeah, right) and ran across this auction for TF MP Soundblaster with Ratbat. For $35. From China. Too good to be true! At first I thought it was just the box but looking at the description led me to believe that it was the actual figure. Too good to be true!

It was in fact too good to be true. I finally saw the shipping: $120. So yeah, spoiled the moment. Must. Get. Ratbat.

And then there’s this…

An oldie but a goodie, this was a request from DisThunder. And I have been on a Star Wars YouTube kick lately so this hit the spot.

Happy Hour’s over!