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Happy Hour- Play Arts Kai Rorschach, Guardians of the Galaxy Minimates, and Marvel Movies!

It’s looking like Toy Fair in March around the action figure collecting world lately. Really, we have been seeing a lot of stuff for what is usually a slow month. Can the momentum stick until SDCC? I kind of doubt it. But I’m going to keep on rolling with it while it lasts, adding to my wants list and stashing away moeny for when everything finally hits. Makes me happy. Happy Hour, go!

New images of Play Arts Kai Rorschach hit the net today and he is glorious!

Sooooooo pretty. I’ve said it before but this will be my first Rorschach figure. I didn’t know it at the time, when I was passing up the others that have been released, that this is the figure I was waiting for. Like it was fate.

Square Enix Play Arts Kai Rorschach

Rorschach comes with several faces depicting his liquid ink infused face mask with different “expressions,” grapple gun, makeshift flamethrower, multiple hands, and two types of coat ends that allow for extra articulation while maintaining the look of stylized cloth.

BBTS has already posted a preorder but states the price may change once they have more info from their vendor.

If you’re more of a 1:12 scale collector, and really, how many of us reading the Fwoosh on a daily basis isn’t, then you’re in luck too. Mattycollector has posted their Watchmen figures up for sale again.

Honestly, I regretted passing on at least Rorschach last year. But with the reveal of the Play Arts Kai figure I don’t feel so bad.

Another perk of this? I can now spell Rorschach without second guessing myself. Now where is my Onomatopoeia figure? I still need some practice with that one.

Marvel.com has revealed Diamond Select’s Guardians of the Galaxy Minimates!

Guardians of the Galaxy Minimates

One of the biggest movies of 2014 just got really small! The Marvel Minimates line from Diamond Select Toys and Art Asylum will introduce the Guardians of the Galaxy to the two-inch scale this summer, with a full assortment of characters from the highly anticipated feature film. 

Anticipated to be in stores in time for the film’s August 1st premiere, the line will include four two-packs that will be available at comic shops and specialty stores. The two-packs will pair Star-Lord with Ronan the Accuser, Drax with Groot, Gamora with a Nova Corps Centurion and Nebula with a Sakaaran Trooper. Each two-inch, fully-poseable mini-figure features interchangeable parts and accessories, including a mask for Star-Lord, knives for Drax and a non-poseable micro-figure of Rocket to hang out with Groot!

More on Marvel.com!

A special called Marvel Studios: Assembling a Universe aired tonight instead of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and had some nifty reveals!

I’m of course looking forward to Guardians of the Galaxy the most but Ant-Man is creeping up quick. But first, Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Wait, no, Avengers: age of Ultron is my biggest must see movie. Oh, who am I kidding, I want to see them all now!

And then there’s this…

I found this on disinfo.com via Fwoosher Ebonhorn’s Facebook page. A Star Wars themed tuna fish commercial from 1978. You’re welcome.

Happy Hour’s over!