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Spider-Man And Captain America Legends Infinite: The Hits Keep Coming!

Phew! When it rains it pours, I’m telling ya. We go months without much to go on and suddenly it seems like we can’t go two days without a little info or new pictures popping up. I’m not complaining!

Hasbro posted individual pictures of the Spider-Man Legends Infinite figures on their product pages. Not exactly new but it’s nice to see them at a larger size.

Some interesting things here.

Electro seems to come with extra hands along with the extra head. The extra head kinda looks like he has electricity type discharge from the eyes. The extra hands don’t appear anywhere in the carded pic though so we shall see. I’m sticking with my Ghost Rider fodder suggestion, made even better if the fists make it into the final box.

Black Cat, Carnage, and Beetle aren’t named specifically on their cards, just like previous swap/running changes/variants. Gives me a little more hope for Boomerang.

The loose picture definitely confirms that the arm that comes with Amazing Spider-Man is indeed a right arm rotated at the bicep and wrist. I guess to appear more uniform in the packaging. Why it’s still that way in the loose pic is anyone’s guess. It also looks like Amazing Spider-Man’s webs are etched and not sculpted. And those hips seem to be able to squat pretty far. Here’s to hoping for some spectacular pictures from posing and photo gurus in the future!

In Captain America Legends Infinite (say that 5 times fast) news, Hasbro added listings to their product pages but no pictures. We don’t needs no official pics though because the figures themselves have popped up on Ebay out of Hong Kong. Woo! That means they are getting churned out of the factories.

Red Skull
NOW Captain America
Hydra Soldier
A.I.M. Soldier
WWII Captain America
Baron Zemo

(Click the Ebay links above for more pictures)

Baron Zemo and the A.I.M. Soldier seem to be doing really well at auction.

This is confirmation that the (no-so) mysteriously hidden WWII Cap is in fact a rehash of the First Avenger figure. Good for people that missed him, I suppose. Eyes, Hasbro, EYES!

Baron Zemo looks fantastic. As does Red Skull……’s head. And I absolutely can’t wait for Bob. Everyone needs Bob. You, you, and even you. Bob and his guns that look like fish. I will have several of the A.I.M. dude but it also has me really looking forward to Star-Lord.

Good grief, see a few new pics and I’m already daydreaming of the next waves after these.

3 thoughts on “Spider-Man And Captain America Legends Infinite: The Hits Keep Coming!

  1. Hope to find these. The whole Spidey line looks good and the Cap, well troop building is calling me. Just only thing scaring me is pricepoint.

  2. Woot! Marvel Now Cap was my biggest want at SDCC and was thrilled to see him. I’ll be getting a few for mods and he just looks great. The Spidey series is my surprise hit. Both Spideys are the best Hasbro has ever done and Beetle is a gem. Both BAFs are great. Let’s hope that’s not it for 2014 though….GotG would be great as well as X-Men.

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