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Spider-Man and Captain America Legends: Even More New Pics and Info

We talked about the new pics of the Amazing Spider-Man figure a few days ago, but in the span of a day or two BigBadToyStore has posted their preorder info for this wave along with the Captain America Legends Infinite wave with even more pics so I figured, why not run through them and see what’s going on? I love new pics, you love new pics. Especially of toys I can’t hold in my grubby mitts yet. Although with an estimated release date of January 2014 for both lines we may not have to wait very long.

First off, we’ve already seen Spider-Man with his alternate hands. Pose-abilities (trademark Robo, 2013) abound!

Spider-Man Legends Spider-ManWell, Superior Spider-Man gets the same treatment! I am so excited it hurts.

While not fists, I dig the option of either having grippy hands or thwip hands. Just adds something to him. Plus, with the price of Legends raising slightly again it’s good to get a little added value, along with bigger BAFs. I’ve liked the smaller ones but man did I miss you bigger BAFs.

BBTS also posted pictures of the rest of the wave, both loose promo shots we’ve seen and boxed pictures we haven’t.

Right off the bat I have to say: I ABSOLUTELY LOVE NEUTRAL POSING IN PACKAGE. Less chance of warped limbs, better representation of the figure through the window. This should be an industry standard. Use the cardback art to show off any crazy posing it can do. We can judge for ourselves.

It looks like Beetle comes with his backpack and movie Electro comes with an alternate head. It also looks like Electro will be suitable fodder to make your own Ghost Driver. Yeah, I just went there. I’m hip, I’m now.

BBTS also sent out a warning that according to the package shots Electro and Spider-Man may come with the same BAF piece, Ultimate Green Goblin’s arm. While it’s hard to tell from the tiny pictures you can see how this may be assumed. But the closer I look the more I see that the arm that comes with Spidey may have the hand rotated all the way around. The hands in both packages do look different. Can’t blame BBTS for covering their bases though.

In other Legends news, BBTS also posted pictures and preorder info for the Captain America Legends wave. This time around though the loose pictures haven’t been before. As far as I know. I’m human. They are new to me.

We still don’t know what WWII Captain America is, but rampant speculation suggests either a repack of the 2 pack WWII Cap or the First Avenger movie figure.

While the Spider-Man wave will still ship under the old “swaps will ship at a later date” method, the Cap wave will include all swaps in the same case. It also only includes half the Mandroid but 2 of each piece. The case breakdown is as follows:

2x Marvel Now! Captain America
2x WWII Captain America
1x Red Skull
1x Hydra Soldier
1x Baron Zemo
1x A.I.M. Soldier

Zemo and the A.I.M. Soldier come with the same right arm, and Red Skull and Hydra Soldier come with the same left arm. NOW! Cap comes with the head. That leaves the torso and legs to be released in series 2, containing Black Widow and Winter Soldier. So theoretically if you order a case of series 1 and a case of series 2 you get two Mandroids while having less actual doubles of the regular figures. That’s going off no info of what series 2 actually contains though. We shall see.

But look! Red Skull contains what looks to be two red guns. And a Cosmic Cube! Woooo! Zemo has a sword and pistol and most likely an extremely overbearing sense of entitlement. The soldiers each come with two weapons and none of them look the same. The one Bob is holding looks kinda like a fish, but I am not complaining at all. Extra weapons, needed characters, and army builders? I may have to narrow my Star Wars Black Series Stormtrooper expectations way down and order a bunch of these bad boys.

And have them fight. Hydra vs. A.I.M. vs. the Empire. My money is on Hydra based solely on their superior peripheral vision.

Larger images of NOW! Captain America was also posted.

Nothing we didn’t know, but as my feelings towards all the previous 616 Caps have dwindled I am looking forward to putting this one in the display. And hoping someday we can get a good heroic looking classic Cap with scalemail and all the trimmings.

Preorder Spider-Man Legends from BBTS

Preorder Captain America Legends from BBTS

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4 thoughts on “Spider-Man and Captain America Legends: Even More New Pics and Info

  1. “I really wish at least one of Spidey’s hands were a fist.”

    Seriously. Otto is either praising the devil or selling favors in a back alley.

    Not buying.

  2. ahhh i really really just want winter soldier right now. the rest of these can wait. but yes, everything looks great.

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