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New Captain America Legends and 6-inch Spider-Man from Hasbro

Coverage of Hasbro NYCC Preview Party with new Captain America and Spider-Man Legends.

Once again, the folks at Hasbro and Hunter PR threw a quality shindig in New York on Comic Con Eve.

There weren’t a tremendous amount of new reveals, but what they did show sure was purty.

Coming in spring 2014 we’ll be getting two 6-inch Build-a-Figure waves drawing from movie and comic properties.

The Captain America Legends wave will include Captain America (movie), a new Hydra goon/Red Skull running change, Baron Zemo II (comic)/A.I.M. goon running change, and three other figures (I’m assuming Batroc, Winter Soldier and movie Black Widow, since they showed them at SDCC). The six piece BaF is a sweet S.H.I.E.L.D. Mandroid. Have fun army building a BaF!

Spider-Man is finally getting some quality 6-inch love too. A Spider-Man movie wave with an Ultimate Green Goblin BaF will include: Spider-Man (movie–though this movie design is pretty comic accurate), Electro (movie), Superior Spider-Man, Black Cat (comic), Carnage (comic), Ultimate Beetle. No word on the Boomerang figure shown previously at SDCC. Could be a running change of one of these figures, could be a different wave. I’m assuming the former.