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DC Collectibles New 52 Crime Syndicate Figures

Well… it certainly looks like DC Collectibles is starting to push the envelope with their new action figures. Check out the return of the Crime Syndicate.

via DC Comics:

From their Earth to ours, the villainous members of the Crime Syndicate—Ultraman, Superwoman, Power Ring, and more—invade your home with all-new action figures based on designs by superstar artist David Finch! Each sold separately.

– Johnny Quick with Atomica Action Figure – March 2014
– Owlman Action Figure – March 2014
– Power Ring Action Figure – February 2014
– Superwoman Action Figure – February 2014
– Ultraman Action Figure – February 2014

– $24.95 Each US

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11 thoughts on “DC Collectibles New 52 Crime Syndicate Figures

  1. These CSA figures look amazing! Definitely better than we could’ve hoped for elsewhere.

    However, there’s one notable omission – Deathstorm. Even though he’s new to the CSA, his visual is one of the most impressive. I would’ve thought he’d be included in Wave 2, but apparently not. Hopefully they’re waiting to make him an exclusive in an expensive multi-pack version of the Crime Syndicate……

  2. 1st of all;Hasby has a point! Will DCD aka Collectibles make MISS MARTIAN or “B”-“D”~list characters like her?
    Or will they produce the classic/standard golden age, silver and bronze age looks?
    THAT was the strength of DCUC.
    Occasionally, I cherry picked DcDirect to fill holes in my DC roster, heck I started out with them and didn’t care about lack of articulation. However, even though they make exclusive one-of-a-kind figures like blacklantern wonderwoman, Natasha Irons, Isis, Manhunter, Blackhawk, Harbinger, the Monitor, GeoForce… very rarely do the figures match in scale and artist interpretation. Not to mention they’re story arc specific and dcd cuts most series short only to regurgitate ANOTHER iteration of the Big 3/DCtrinity!
    BlackesNight and Justice to my delight were the longest lines they’ve produced and still dcd left out Giganta, Atom, Metallo, and Riddler! Key characters!
    That Alex Ross line was awesome! Penultimate Justice League figures! The Ultimate JLA dcd figures are the Ed McGuiness style figures. Done and done.

  3. so, not to be a tool here… but these look pretty good… was killing DCIE a way for mattel to shake loose of the horsemen? cuz their figs look good… but not this good. i love the guys, i have a huge library of their work, but i always felt DCIE/DCUC/DCSH was them being held back on the use of their talents. but maybe it went the other way, and mattel wasn’t giving DC the level of skill they wanted?

  4. Gorgeous! Now explain to me why Ultraman blows every Superman figure out of the water? And likewise for Power Ring and the Flash guy? Once DCC makes equivalent or better figures of their big guns they will dominate. They are so much better now.

  5. DC Direct….wow….if they can keep putting out figures like this I am all in!! And to think DCUC wanted us to pay the same price for lesser quality. I already have Arkham origins and Deathstroke preordered…now I might have to grab these! I do like the Morrison/Quietly Earth 3 version of Owlman more than this one (that is one DCUC fig I give 100% thumbs up to) but that Superwoman blows the DCUC version away! Long live DC Direct!! Now I’m like DCUC who??

  6. Man, have they stepped up their game or what?? I have the DCUC figs, and I love them, but there’s no way I can pass these up!

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