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Chap Mei – True Legends Orc Raiding Party


I’ve been eying the Toys R Us exclusive True Legends figure sets for a while now, but have never bought anything. A buy-one-get-one-50%-off sale finally got me off the fence to purchase a couple.  Let’s take a look at the Orc Raiding Party.

DSC_0873What You Get

The set comes with two 4 inch Orc figures, two wolf mounts, a sword, an axe, a war hammer, a lizard buddy that rests on the shoulders of one of the Orcs, two removeable saddles for the wolves, and a piece of scenery.


The sculpting on these little guys is really nice.  Each Orc figure is packed with a ton of detail and imaginative design.

I love how the bald orc has toadstools growing from his shoulders and has reptiles wrapped all around him.  They both have textured skin and dinged-up armor and weapons.

The wolves are repaints of the same sculpt.  It’s also nicely detailed with fur sculpting, snarling mouths, and intimidating armor.


The arch is probably the weakest sculpt of the package.  It has some vegetation sculpted on, but I find the rock sculpt unconvincing compared to the rest of the sculpting.  There’s just no texture to these rocks.  I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be an arch or maybe a cave entry.  It’s something I think I would have more appreciation for as a kid playing in the sandbox.



The bald orc has five points of articulation with cut arms, neck, and legs.  The hairy orc has four points of articulation with cut waist, arms, and a neck that barely moves.


That’s not a lot of articulation, but there is still some fun to be had here.  I’ve noticed a lot of collectors have been embracing the old-school appeal of limited articulation figures lately, but it’s not really my thing.


The wolves have two points of articulation with each head on its own hinge joint.  That’s a nice touch, but the articulation here is pretty abysmal.  It looks like the legs were separate pieces, so I assumed there’d be at least cut joints there, but they are static.


That said, without knee and ankle articulation, those cut joints would have been pretty useless.


Paint on this set is minimal, but good for bargain toys.  There are some weird choices.


For example, the wolves have wraps on their legs that are only half painted.  The wolves also have two scars, one on each head, but only one gets paint detail.


There is also some good stuff like drybrushing on the fur of the wolves.  Interestingly enough, there is a different color of drybushing for each wolves’ head.  The armor on one of the wolves has a heavy dirty wash that seems appropriate for orc mounts.


I didn’t actually buy these guys for the orcs, rather to use the wolves with my Masters of the Universe Classics figures.  The cool sculpts on the orcs did win me over and they look fantastic on the wolves.


I think the wolves work pretty well with MOTUC. The limited articulation makes them stand out a bit against MOTUC articulation, but the sculpts hold up and they fit the MOTU aesthetic well.


The handles on the weapons are also the right size to fit MOTUC figures, so they make decent small arms for them.


At $20 this set contains a decent chunk of plastic and the figures are cool little sculpts with fun designs.  I’m glad I picked these up.


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