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Hasbro – Marvel Legends Two-Packs Hulk (2010)


Not too long ago I covered the Top 5 Hulk figures to grace Hulk Classics or Marvel Legends, and I was met with questions about why I did not choose this figure as one of my top 5. And truth is, this is a figure very worthy of being a Top 5 Hulk figure, it has a great sculpt and good articulation, it is well painted and has all the fixings for being a great figure. But those are also some of the reasons that I hold it back.

I’m not a huge fan of the source material. Hulk is based off Ed McGuinness art. I’m a big fan of McGuinness’s art; his run on Deadpool is still a favorite and I recently revisited it. In that series he took on Hulk and did an amazing job. Later on he would actually take on the reigns of Hulk. This toy is based on the artwork found within those pages. It’s an artist specific sculpt and for those that want an artist specific Hulk based on McGuinness’s art then this figure is a huge success. However that characteristic makes it stand out on a toy shelf, specially one that is not made up of matching artist specific characters. The noticeable areas are the chest and biceps as they really carry the “squared” look that defines McGuinness’s art. If these were less square I’d be all over this figure as a Hulk Top 5’er; the rest of the sculpt is top notch and really is non-descript as a Hulk figure.

The other area that keeps this figure off my Top 5 list is the articulation. And oh how I will be dragged through the ringer on this one. Yes, he has a ton of articulation and comparable amount when compared to previous Hulk figures. He has perfectly functioning ab joint, something previous Hulk figures cannot claim, this is the pinnacle of this Hulk figure. The rest of the articulation is standard and most of the other Hulks have comparable if not better articulation. Where this Hulk loses points for me is in the lack of ankle rockers. A big heavy figure like Hulk really benefits from ankle rockers and the lack of these joints is really a huge mark off.

  • hinged ankles
  • swivel ankles
  • hinged knees
  • thigh swivels
  • ball hips
  • swivel waist
  • hinged ab
  • ball shoulders
  • swivel biceps
  • hinged elbows
  • swivel wrists
  • hinged wrists
  • ball head

This figure does make up for that loss with fists. Yes you heard me, no slappy happy hands! And for those of you that will argue slappy or grabby hands are a must as Hulk rips things apart, you also need to take into account “Hulk Smash” and that means fists. It means he smashes with his fists, he punches. The comment isn’t “Hulk Tears” or “Hulk Rips” it is smash. Now I know this is where many of you will now attempt to prove otherwise, some may post pictures refuting my claim, but I will not be turned. Smashing requires a fist or fists. Not slappy happy hands.

I do love the face sculpt on this figure. It is really sharp and while based on Mcguinness’s art isn’t so specific that it can’t be used. In fact I do use it with my “comic Avengers” line up. This is one of the better face sculpts that we’ve had on a Hulk. The hair cut no so much, but then we’ve had some Hulk figures with really bad hair cuts.

All in all this is a really good Hulk figure. It’s not ground breaking or revolutionary, it doesn’t push the toy boundaries in what can be designed with a Hulk, or revolutionize action figures. Hulk is just a good fun solid toy based on some good comic art.

You can still pick this figure up on but it will cost you. These figures are expensive on the aftermarket, good hunting!

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5 thoughts on “Hasbro – Marvel Legends Two-Packs Hulk (2010)

  1. Wow! HULK WHITENS! That’s a blinding gamma irradiated SMILE!:-D
    LOL– I actually started my collection with dc direct’s Ed Mcguinness Superman/Batman,Justice League etcetera,so I was happy to see this Hulk, as Ebon said it matches Red Hulk, as Rulk debuted first as a Target exclusive BAF! I love this figure and this topic in general. Everyone has their idiosyncrasies and the action figure game(hobby) is art and art is subjective. I don’t like that military soup bowl haircut. I’m more a fan of the shaggy haired Green Goliath of the 70’s(Sal Buscema)
    However, it does not diminish the awesomeness of this Two-fisted Hulk! I favor the look of a fig over articulation, so the absent ankle rockers aren’t a problem. My peeve is usually glaringly blatant ball and socket hip joints!! –see tml’s Falcon.or don’t cause it’s difficult to UNsee– no such problem with this Hulk base body. No problem mixing multiple artist’s figures of the same scale,because we all no there’s a sliding arbitrary scale in comic book logic and toy production cost, especially the Marvel Legends. Dc direct artist mixing,not so much.
    Because they’re all DCUC I love displaying Ed’s inspired work by the Horsemen of the subline cartoon movie figures from Superman Batman :Public Enemies! With the exception of “Star Wars” I don’t like my fictional characters to look like real life persons, so I tend not to buy movie toys.(Ironman is an exception, while I love RDJ much as the next fanboy,he’s covered in armour of a cool toy.) Now there are exceptions to this rule like Halle Berry,Linda Carter etc.;-) The idea being that the these characters should look like their toys and vice versa. A nine foot tall green/red monster is a fantasy, a stylized escapism. IMO the miasma of the genre that spawned the toys would benefit from being well reflected of the source material(COMICS) manifested on shelves in their multifarious artistic forms. HULK SMASH!…

  2. I’m there with you. I like McGuinness’s art, but I do NOT want action figures styled after it. They don’t look right, and they stick out in a display in a very bad way. This is also why I still really want Mattel to make a Silver Banshee figure, and then I’m disappointed to realize they think they already did.

  3. See the beauty of this figure for me is he matches the only figure he need to match…RED HULK! So I was quite happy they made him. I even campaigned on the Fwoosh to get this Green Hulk made.

  4. This is my default Hulk figure. Two fists are must for me when it comes to the Hulk. I also love head sculpt and the shading on this figure. The art specific sculpt doesn’t bother me so much, as a lot of Marvel Legends figures are based off the look of certain artists. For example, Face Off Hulk is based on the art of Sal Buscema, then there is the ever popular McFarlane Spider-Man, not to mention the Mike Weiringo Fantastic Four, and etc. I think it adds a nice connection to the comics, and makes the figures cooler to me.

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