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First Look – Star Wars The Black Series R2-D2

Well, to put it simply, if you had told me six months ago that people would be clamoring for me to do a review of a R2D2 figure, I would have assumed you were drunk, or had me mixed up with someone else, or maybe both.


Then again, if you had told me then that there would be 6-inch Star Wars figures of this quality, period, I would’ve dismissed you with a “Yeah, it would be cool, but….”


So here we are.  The most recognizable character of the Star Wars mythos, in 6-inch scale, loaded with little geek-friendly features and accessories.  And I can say this without being facetious: if you’re on the market for the best damn astromech droid there is, this is your droid.

(That’s right, I didn’t make the “looking for” joke. You’re welcome.)

Packaging, while meaning nothing to me, is really high quality.  So to make this a complete first look, here’s your figure jail shot:


The packaging does give you a good idea of what’s included, but let me give it a shot and see if I can properly identify what’s included here.  God knows if I’m wrong, the comment section will make swift work of it, but here goes:

Telescoping sensors, visual scanner, audio transmitter, booster turbines (swap out with “neutral panels”):


Luke’s spare lightsaber:


And then there’s the less obvious features.

Retractable third leg (snicker):


Opening front panels with interfacing coupler and claw hand:


That ain’t bad for a figure that barely takes up a quarter of the package, right?

The thing about this guy is you don’t really need any convincing from me.  You don’t need a detailed character bio, you don’t need fun facts, you just need to know that this is probably the only R2D2 you are ever going to need for your 6-inch figure collection.  The little guy is an icon, chicks dig him, and no Star Wars collection can even fake being complete without him.


And mark my words of prophecy here:  You are looking at the next Marvel Legends Toad, or Street Fighter Sodom, or even DCSH Killer Croc — he’s not at exciting as some of the other first series figures, but if you miss out on him, you will pay through the nose to get one later.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna see if I can find a spare to cash in on your future hubris.





11 thoughts on “First Look – Star Wars The Black Series R2-D2

  1. I just got mine in the mail today and I’m juuust a bit disappointed.
    You can’t put Luke’s saber in the top. all the sensor pieces feel a bit flimsy.
    you have to rotate the head to get the 3rd leg to go up and down.
    And it just feels much lighter than I’d expected.
    I’m glad I got it, but I think the only other one I’ll be picking up is Luke In Bespin if and when they make one.

  2. So much for my savings. Looks like eating in and sack lunches in my future. Hasbro, take my money pleeeeease! 😉

  3. Not showing that the figure has the ability to do that would be a disservice to the preview of this figure, you know?

  4. You guys overextended his third leg. Never supposed to see the center leg… just the foot. Just FYI

  5. I am loving this new 6″Star Wars figure series, i cant wait for S2, I just hope Habro doesnt make us wait too long for iconic chracters like Vader or Chewie.

  6. Or Hasbro will rerelease him 20 different times. I for one and waiting for a dirtier version.

  7. Too bad they didn’t give him a sound chip and light up red eye lens. That would have topped him as complete in my list.

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