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Top 5 – Most Needed DC Universe Classics Justice League of America Members


Did you check out our list of the best DC Universe Classics Justice League member list? Well, it was actually the first installment of a two-part feature about the DCUC JLA. We talked about the best that is out there, but what about those League members who have not made it into the Classics/Infinite Earths line? I will admit, we have fared really well in terms of getting a lot of the members of the multiple incarnations of the JL, but there is still some work for Mattel and the Four Horsemen to do. The good news is that this Top-5 list will not consist of a group of heavy-hitters; in fact, we are able to mine some of those C-List characters that showed up in the International, Detriot, and other less famous iterations. So then, who is the best of the rest that we want to see in plastic? Check it out!

Note: this list only includes UNIQUE characters, not variants of those that we already have on the shelf.

5. Vibe


Yes, Vibe is on this list. He is also back in the current comics. Starting a list of most-needed JLA members with Vibe might be laughable to some, but to me it speaks to the volume of characters we have already gotten. When I can make demands for a plastic Paco Ramone, you know we are doing well for ourselves. No, he is not someone that most anyone would garner as essential, but he is actually a pretty memorable part of the League’s history. Whether or not it is “good” memorable or “bad” memorable will be left to you, dear reader. He would not really be a tough figure to make and would not require many new parts past a new head and overlay vest. I am demanding more numbers for a possible JL Detroit roster — what times we live in.

4. Aztek

DCUC Aztek

Part of this inclusion might be that Aztek has gathered a loyal following demanding his production of the forums for a while now, but I promise it is also because he is a pretty interesting character with a neat look. Added as one of the new heroes in Grant Morrison’s ’90s JLA, Aztek brought some unique powers to go with his new persona. Well, maybe not completely unique, but he DOES have a lot of powers, so I guess his “Ultimate Man” persona is apt. You have to admit that helmet of his would look really cool as handled by the Four Horsemen, and his white-and-gold costume coloring would stand out in even the most diverse JLA display.

3. Dr. Light

DCUC Dr. Light

Spoiler alert: from here on out, it is all ladies all the time! Also, in the interest of full disclosure , the JLI was my first League and my favorite comic book character of all time (the Blue Beetle) was a centerpiece in that incarnation. We have done pretty well in getting some of the core members of the team, but there are a lot of guys in Beetle, Booster, Guy, RR, and Captain Marvel. Sure, Mary is there too, and Fire will be joining shortly, but Kimiyo is another essential piece of the International puzzle that we need to see made. Again, she would not be a complicated or expensive figure to make, and she will add a lot of diversity in a lot of different ways to the shelf.

2. Vixen

DCUC Vixen

Do we really STILL not have this figure? She is not my favorite character in the world, but even I thought I would be able to list her as present and accounted for by now. After appearing as an entrant in the original Fan Vote poll for the line (she lost to the Question), she has pretty much disappeared from any type of discussion for upcoming figures; however, she still does well on our Top Ten votes, she was a good member of the Meltzer JLA, and, once again, would not be a complicated figure to produce. C’mon, Mattel, it’s time to Make Mine Mari!

1. Ice


I don’t feel I need to say a lot here. I would have to think that since Fire is finally coming to our shelves in August, Ice will be a lock for subscription bait for 2014. It would be CRIMINAL to have one without the other, and if Tora is not realized soon, I am afraid my Guy Gardner figure will leap off the shelf, run to southern California, and give Toy Guru a piece of his mind. Deep breaths… I have all fingers and toes crossed that we will see her in a couple of weeks at SDCC.

So there it is, the best of the rest still needing to make it to plastic. Agree? Disagree? Sound off in the comments and vote for your favorite from the list!

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17 thoughts on “Top 5 – Most Needed DC Universe Classics Justice League of America Members

  1. Yes, Ice and Vixen are no-brainers! I’d like to nix Vibe, Aztek, and Dr. Light though. (Kimiyo BEFORE Arthur? I say nay!) Crimson Fox would be a unique figure. A repainted Elongated Man or Zatanna would be nice. As would a redo Rocket Red that we will never get. The female Doc Fate? Or how about a Maxwell Lord with an Oberon pack-in?

  2. Yes, the George Perez Zatanna/satellite? Is needed,present list parameters aside. She’s always represented in fishnets,tails & top-hat!
    Her other “costume” is worthy of most wanted “C” or”D” lists. How about her father,Zatara?!
    Crimson AvengerI,II,andIII,Vigilante(cowboy)
    Icon,Crimsonfox,Freedom Beast,Static,
    GeoForce,Shining Knight..The logical reasons for a Club Infinite Earths/CLASSICS subscription!–IMO

  3. JLI all the way baby!!! Definitely my favorite incarnation of the League ever, and I always loved Blue Beetle (Ted Kord) as well. I still think that killing him (and leaving him dead) is one of the biggest dick moves DC ever made. However, since the New 52 has all but destroyed the real DCU, I guess it’s all water under the bridge, because we’ll never see the likes of the JLI again anyway.

    That being said, instead of Vibe, I’d much rather see a proper version of Rocket Red or even G’nort. And how about Conner Hawke or a classic Kyle Rainer from the Morrison JLA?

  4. VEEBEE! DUDE! I LOVE YA, MAAAAAN! it’s like your in my head. JUSTICE LEAGUE INTERNATIONAL FOREVER!!! I literally LOL about your G.L.Gardner giving toy guru the whatfor! (I’ve wanted to that myself personally @ one time or another =D Love IT! Thanks for putting VIBE, yes, VIBE! on the list. …And AZTEK as a fan of Bruce Tim’s JusticeLeague Unlimited I would love to see ALL those characters get Classics treatment! It is all good. Love the ladies and I already mentioned Fire/Greenflame in my last comments. Ice:yes,please. It’s most logical. I have the Dcd Crisis Dr.Light figure as a stand-in,so I’m OK with a Classics version. Vixen seems to be DC’s version of Marvel’s Storm, as such the charachter not having classics represntation is a most blatant glaring omission. The league is multicultural similar to the X-men representative of equal justice and liberty. I remember some of my friends scoffing @ the Apache chief wave when it so clearly was a necessity for the line. DCUC is a crown jewel in the crown of the superhero toy market. Let’s hope 4 the best and many more figures in a long life of the line and optimistic lists like this. Thanks & Peace

  5. Okay, maybe not a JLA member per say…but where the heck is his figure!?!?!

  6. ice given how fire is coming odds are will pop up sooner or later. down the road. vibe if nothing else should be made for amazo to have some one to fight on toy shelves. given how the oriiginal vibe not only was part of aquaman being a tool with the jl but also one of the first jl members to get whacked by a bad guy. dr. light if nothing else mattel could just take the evil male version mold make some tweaks including putting on the female head sculpt and dr. light 2 finaly

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