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SDCC 2013 – NECA Preview Night

NECA had great new stuff to show from Predators, ALIENS, Kick-Ass, Marvel, Gremlins, Rambo, Pacific Rim, and even a massive demon gal from Diablo.

My personal favorite is series 10 and 11 of the Predator line.  The masked version of the Lost Predator looks insanely cool.

These Portal figures look so damn cool, I must have even though I’ve never played the game.

The ALIEN stuff is looking amazing between new versions of the ALIEN xenomorph and the screaming Marines/ battle damaged Xenomorph stuff, it looks like a lot of good product.  I’m really looking forward to the light up eggs, too.

Plus, JONESY!  What could he possibly come with?

Then there is this bobble head set.

DSC_0252Yikes, old chum.

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5 thoughts on “SDCC 2013 – NECA Preview Night

  1. oh man that final bobble head picture is sooo ultra perverted!!!

    I love the xplodey Aliens

    those Portal Robots look reeeally wild too!!

    I might stop collecting after Ed-209, like whats the point, what else will be cooler than that?

  2. I’m not sure. It doesn’t remind me of anyone in the flick. He has the name Windrix across his chest, which along with some hints @NECA toys has thrown out pr-con leads me to believe it’s a likeness of NECA sculptor Kyle Windrix. I’ll try and find out for sure. Randy may have already tweeted it.

  3. Man, whoever is taking these pics is an amazing photographer. These are the best convention photos I have ever seen! I have been searching all the usual sites for good pics the last few days when I should have been looking right here at The Fwoosh.

  4. Just when you think the Predator line can’t get any cooler…it does! Love every reveal here. Love the Aliens stuff too. Those shot up ones are so insane!

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