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SDCC 2013 – Mattel He-Man Reveals

I couldn’t be more pleased with the Masters of the Universe reveals in this show so far!  Right away I want to say congratulations to my fellow Huntara fans as she won the poll!  She is really one of my top wants, so the sooner the better for me, though I really want a Lord Masque figure as well.  I’m also extremely glad that the whole Plundor rumor turned out to be true.  I cannot wait for this figure or the comments below questioning my taste and/or sanity for doing so.  He looks like cartoon perfection as does the other newly revealed Filmation characters Sea Hawk and Strong Arm.  The below gallery has pics of all the newly revealed characters, some of the presentation slides and some additional Grayskull photos taken while we were playing with the display model yesterday


3 thoughts on “SDCC 2013 – Mattel He-Man Reveals

  1. Excellent pics. I’m now trying to make more room for the new releases that’s coming.

  2. om mdulok is coming for i would think mattel would say they could not do him due to the cost of tooling invovled for him. and also looks like one of the four horseman has had his wish granted for he gets two bad. plus can not believe mattel did plunder the evil rabbit . actully did plunder .

  3. Awesome reveals! Modulok, Two Bad, Plundor, Hydron, Dactus and the Troopers are my favourites!

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