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Soul of Chogokin – Yamato Coming this Winter


Pure awesomeness. Bandai posted information on their Facebook site for Soul of Chogokin for the upcoming Yamato ship. The ship will be available sometime in the winter according to and will be over 16 inches in length. This thing is going to be awesome. Space Battleship Yamato is known to those of us that grew up in the late ’70s in the US as Star Blazers. Originally shown in Japan in the early ’70s Yamato was part of a wave of anime to hit American soil and soil the minds of many children.

The pictures of this toy are absolutely amazing and I can’t wait to see it in person. Bandai’s Soul of Chogokin line is a line of die-cast metal toys. These are fantastic toys and I’ve reviewed them before and will do so again (link). The one note that has me impressed from Tamashii’s webpage is about them wanting to make an accurately scaled ship “compliant” to the anime. It sounds like they went to great lengths to take the 2D art and transform it into 3D art. Simply fantastic. And there’s even an LED light inside.

You can find more about the upcoming toy on Soul of Chogokin’s Facebook page or linked below:

If you are still interested in obtaining the original Soul of Chogokin Yamato head over to and pick one up:

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