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Hasbro Kre-O – Transformers Micro-Changers Combiners Constructicon Devastator Set

My son got this as a gift from a recent family visit to Singapore. We’ve had a couple of Kre-O sets land in the house, most of them movie-related and none of them really capturing their imaginations — or mine — until this set and the Kre-O Transformers Micro-Changers Combiners Superion set came along that my other son got as a gift.

Hasbro’s Kre-O line is their answer to LEGO and Megablocks. These are solid block toys, but the plastic doesn’t have that LEGO-quality feel and sometimes the flat 2×1 plates are tough to detach. Don’t misunderstand me, these are solid block toys and they can provide hours of fun to build, take apart, and reimagine.


The set includes Scrapper, Scavenger, Bonecrusher, and Mixmaster who can be made into their mini-figure selves, vehicle modes, or combined into Devastator. The building instructions are easy to follow, although I was having trouble matching heads because the print on the instructions was a bit small for my old eyes.


The articulation on the mini figures is a bit more than what you get with a LEGO. There are limited ball joints at the hips and the shoulders, and it’s a neat attempt to incorporate some more articulation, but it doesn’t do much in the way of dynamic poses. Otherwise the articulation is standard mini-figure ware.


Devastator has some decent articulation, sharing more poseable ball shoulders and hips as the mini figures with more range of motion. The build also has hinged elbows and knees. Hands and feet are made from the hips of the figures and have a bit of motion due to that. But not much.


The vehicle modes aren’t great. The idea is good but the execution isn’t there. The tracks are loose fitting and the wheels are too small, and the bodies of the mini figures drags on the ground. This doesn’t create too much of an issue since the figures will be played with as mini figures or Devastator.


These will eventually find a place in our LEGO City world where they will ravage the LEGO mini figures, more than likely doing battle with Marvel, DC, or City properties. For the casual collector, pick them up, they are hoot to play with and too cute to ignore.

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