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First Look – Watchmen Club Black Freighter Dr. Manhattan


Rorschach’s Journal: March 4th, 2013.

Keene Act tried shut us all down. Tried. Some continue. Hiding. Some retire. Fattening. Others get cushy government jobs. Sanctioned weapons. Hrm.

The government didn’t make him. Now they control  him. Walking weapon. Blanket against the Communists. Body not been human for a long time. Mind not human either. Beyond. Lost touch with humanity. The real danger. Hrm.

Nuclear. Atomic. Now… plastic?

Dr. Manhattan. The horrible accident. Horribly dangerous. Plaything of politicians. Now play thing of toy collectors. Hrm.

“The release of atom power has changed everything except our way of thinking. The solution to this problem lies in the heart of mankind. If only I had known, I would have become a watchmaker.” – Albert Einstein


The Black Freighter continues to move forward. Each release moves closer to complete the team. Also, closer to midnight.

Lead with the mystery.

Continue with the unbelievable.

Osterman. Son of a watchmaker. Now watching us all. Walk in step. Stay in line. Evil must be punished. Your government is here to protect you. Hrm.



Standard figure, blank DCUC body. Articulation what you should expect. Moves better than Rorschach figure. No coat to inhibit posing. No real clothing at all. Shorts are painted on, we are lucky to get shorts at all. Too often portrayed without them. Hrm.


Figure has new hands and bare feet. Hands are outstretched. Perfect for destruction poses. Bad premonitions about that. Why? Investigate? DO IT! Hrm. Bare feet a first for Mattel DC? Males anyway. So many figures to remember. Need to double-check. Again, investigate. If so, a lot of customizing potential. Expensive fodder. Hrm.


Body cast in sick blue plastic. Like glowing energy. Glowing ATOMIC energy. Radioactive? No. Just plastic. Won’t end up like Slater keeping him on your shelf. A glass shelf is required. On Mars if possible. Hrm.

Minimal paint. Doesn’t need it. Black shorts. Hydrogen symbol burned in. By his own hand? No. By a factory worker. Dead eyes. White, surrounded by black. Just like his existence. Hrm.


No accessories. No weapons for those that are weapons themselves. Just a base. A Watchmen base. Standard issue, for the entire team. Miniature of glass castle would have been cool. Not to be. Need to make suggestions earlier. Stay one step ahead. Hrm.


Shipping box has hands at midnight. Not counting down in order as suspected. Hrm. Others filling later? Will have to wait. Why out of order? Part of the larger scheme? Toy Guru up to something. Must investigate. California not really my place. Nice Flowers. Pretty butterflies. Hrm.


Card art unique. Looks like back of the “books” will spell out “Watchmen”. Again, not in order. No order in this chaos. Appropriate. Hrm.






Dr. Manhattan. The atomic weapon. Coming to Matty Collector on 3/15. The second of six. Counting down. Counting down to the Crimebusters. Will probably be considered the least exciting of the Club figures. Cannot wait for Night Owl. And Blake. Counting down to midnight. She who was last is up next. Hrm.


*Toy Guru sent him. Sent him to us. Must remember to thank. Later. Get yours right away. They sell out fast. Hrm.

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7 thoughts on “First Look – Watchmen Club Black Freighter Dr. Manhattan

  1. Metron and Stranger do not share the same hands, each of them has unique glove grooves and neither shares with Dr. Manhattan.

  2. Sorry, I have to agree, the Rorschach style would of been fine for an intro but it had me skipping through the entire review and skimming it for the details.
    The face on this thing is horrible, he has some kind of weird ‘Frankenstein destroy!’ Tor Johnson expression going on…

  3. i agree with cam…i respect veebee and love his reviews,(please dont take offense!) but the rorschach dialogue type review was kinda cool and creative the first time, but for some reason i thought it was intolerable this time around…but good pics, to be honest, i avoided reading all the text….

    kinda lame he comes with nothing too, this would have been a perfect figure to include a flight stand, or maybe melted puddle of Rorschach guts hahaha

    i want to buy him, but there is nothing else coming out that month i wanted to double up for the shipping…$25 plus $15 in tax and shipping, just too much to choke on for this guy right now…

  4. Annoying response. Worthless internet troll.

    Stay a keyboard warrior, Cammy.

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