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Toy Fair 2013 – Mattel DC Unlimited, Watchmen, Club Infinite Earths

Mattel showed off their various DC brands today, including the online subscriptions, Club Infinite Earths and Watchmen, as well as their retail DC Unlimited and Batman Unlimited lines.

Highlights included:

Batman Unlimited:

Damian Wayne

Batman Beyond–this re-issued figure will have a new headsculpt, matte finish, and WILL include the wings

DC Unlimited:

No new figures announced, but we did get a look at a pre-production New 52 Darkseid, that looks much better than the previous leaked prototype pics.

Club Inifinite Earths:

Fire and Huntress pics were leaked last week, but we got to see them in person and they look great–especially their faces. Captain Marvel Jr. was on display as well, and I personally can’t wait to get that figure.


We got to see the unique process used to create Silk Spectre’s see-through dress, and it looks pretty great. ¬†Also note that Comedian comes with a plethora of accessories.

7 thoughts on “Toy Fair 2013 – Mattel DC Unlimited, Watchmen, Club Infinite Earths

  1. Batman Beyond (with wings), Elongated Man, Capt. Marvel Jr., Huntress, Fire, all very cool, and are figures that I would buy.

    Thas New 52 Darkseid however is a monstrosity, and not in the way they intended. Wow, hopefully that thing will get better looking before it’s actually released.

  2. Huntress and Fire look pretty cool, but Batman Beyond and Damian… Damian doesn’t really look like himself IMO, he looks too old. Plus he should have a sword, or at least a removable hood. I dn’t know what it is about Terry, he just looks off to me.

  3. Were the DC Unlimited Injustice figures not shown (Plus no Aquaman)? I was hoping these would look much better than the photos we’ve already seen?

  4. thats def the best pic of the vampire bats so far, maybe thats the secret, it looks really good from the low angle and not so awesome from the top view angles!

    dang, that is wild comedian comes with the flame thrower- holy cows on mars!

    batman beyond with closed mouth & wings is epic, so awesome!

    damien is a great inclusion, but you know, the more i look at the pics the more im thinking, they really should have pushed to get some new arms sculpted, some more juvenile looking arms, he looks a bit too buff with those arms….

  5. Looks like Batman Beyond also uses the slightly smaller Black Manta base body rather than the Batman body from the original.

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