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Toy Fair 2013 Hasbro Star Wars BLACK — 6″ Figures

We finally have pics of the first wave, beyond X-Wing Pilot Luke.

Hitting this fall are:  Luke, R2-D2, Darth Maul, and Sandtrooper.  The folks at Gentle Giant really went the extra mile with the detail on these. They’re loaded with accessories and look about as great as you could imagine. My pictures certainly don’t do them justice.

Yes, there will be 3.75″ Star Wars Black figures as well, including 2-packs of Jedi Anakin and Clone Sgt.  along with Darth Vader Bespin (removeable hand with Han’s pistol) and the Biker Scout (previously only available with the vehicle), a new Yavin Ceremony Luke, Geonosis Padme, and a new super-articulated Biggs.  Wave 2 of the smaller line will include, among others, Mara Jade and Pablo Jill.  Hasbro will also be finishing off the 3.75″ scanning crew with two KMart exclusive 2-packs. Each with a scanning crewman, half the scanning box, and one set will have an Imperial Officer, the other has a Stormtrooper.

001 002 003 004 005 006 007


The new Saga Legends figures will be 3.75″ scale, but aimed more toward kids, with 5 POA and softer sculpts.  Most of the new vehicle offerings are also geared toward this execution, with reduced scale.

Something new to note is that Amazon is now a part of the exclusive game. They will have an exclusive TIE Interceptor.

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