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Sign up today for FROOSH!!!! Members-only forums!



We are offering Froosh memberships again! This month is Froosh membership drive month, and as part of the membership drive we are offering a lifetime subscription to Froosh! For a mere $25  you get:

The Froosh – $25 lifetime membership!

  • Much much bigger PM box (500 messages per folder)
  • Search: including searching your own posts, posts of other Fwooshers, and all the forums
  • The ability to turn off word censors (forum-wide)
  • Attachments to your posts

Plus, each Froosher will have access to a set of members-only forums, aptly named “The Froosh!”

You can read more about it on the forums here:

This membership drive will end March 1st. When we’ll get around to doing another one is anybody’s guess. Don’t miss out — sign up today!


(Paypal preferred, please contact at [email protected] if you have inquiries)


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