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MOTUC Mantenna! Now with others!

7 thoughts on “MOTUC Mantenna! Now with others!

  1. I like this Mantenna. He looks menacing unlike the bumbling fool version in the cartoon. As for the other figures, you can tell the line is in decline.

  2. W O W!! I’m glad I brought more for 2013. Filmation finally getting there long over due respect. Mantenna design OMG!

  3. Looking forward to all of these. Mantenna looks awesome like he’s the daddy of Destroyah (one of its stages reminded me of him)

    Stoked.about Fire and agree wheres Ice maybe see her at SDCC.

  4. So… whats your age? do you grew up with the original He-Man and She-ra Cartoons? because thats is kind of dumb trolling….

  5. Lookin’ like a good line up! I’m loving the Comedian and Fire, but where’s Ice? And I’m happy that the huntress has that ab-window thing. looks better to me. The only thing I don’t like is Mantenna. What kind of fan-favorite looks like a venereal disease on legs?

  6. Everything looks really good. Mantenna is especially impressed with Shokoti; look at the way his eyes are buggin’ out!

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