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ThreeA Toys – AP Tracky JC


ThreeA Toys has, at last, released a 1/12th scale Action Portable JC figure. This particular figure is something of a teaser before the figures from the proper release ship, and was a very limited, surprise drop that happened during the AP Slicers sale. To say this particular JC was difficult to get would be an understatement — I spent the better part of 24 hours on F5 duty trying to get mine, and it was easily the most frustrating toy-buying experience I’ve ever had. I’m happy that I persevered and secured one, though, because he’s an awesome figure and everything I was hoping for in an AP JC, and it’s a great preview of what’s to come.


The new packaging in which the AP figures are now shipping is a big improvement over the huge blister cards they used to ship in. The box is small and compact with a nice, clean design that showcases the figure contained within. Inside, the figure lays securely in a plastic tray, and what I like best is it isn’t necessary to destroy the packaging to free the figure. AND the box is easy to store since it takes up hardly any space. I’m really pleased with this new direction ThreeA has taken with their packaging.


This is the “Tracky” JC, meaning he’s sporting the official Adventure Kartel track suit. The suit itself looks cool, but — and this is among the very few crits I have of the figure — the weathering could be better. Rather than looking worn and lived in, it just looks dirty with big splotches of mud thrown on the suit. Other than that, all the details are there. He really looks like a shrunken down version of the 1/6 figure. The zipper works well, the elastic bands work as they should, and even his shoes look awesome.


While the weathering on his track suit may not be the best, the weathering on the rest of the figure is solid. The mud, grime, and blood all look convincing, especially for a 6″ figure. These portable figures seem to keep getting better, so I’m anxious for more figures from the AP Adventure Kartel line to be released.


He’s got all the same tattoos that the 1/6 figure does and they look just as good at this smaller scale. They even managed to make his signature “ZOMB” tattoo on his right hand look just as it should. All the details are very impressive. One thing I’m super bummed about, though, is the fact that he doesn’t come with the t-shirt the 1/6 figure came with. The t-shirt was one of my favorite things about the 1/6th Tracky JC, so I’m definitely disappointed this figure isn’t sporting it as well. I assume it may have been difficult to get the jacket to fit over a 1/12th t-shirt, so if that’s the case, then I understand why it wasn’t included. But I’m so stoked to have a 1/12th JC that I can overlook this without much bother.


For accessories, he comes with several bags and pouches that hang on his belt (with I could not unfasten, so sorry kids — no pics without the jacket), and his severed Zomb head that he carries in a bag on his belt. The severed Zomb head has always been one of my favorite features of the figure/character.


The bag that holds the Zomb head is a bit small and doesn’t hold the head very effectively. With some fiddling, however, it is possible to get it in there well enough to do the job. It can look silly and obtrusive depending on his pose, but it can work OK with a little work.


What I love most are the little details like the “Pain” tattoo above. It’s so small, but it totally looks convincing. It’s the attention to detail like this that make me feel that the figure was so worth the trouble it was to get.

Time to go to work.

It’s awesome to finally have a portable JC to pound on the Zombs. I loved collecting the AP Zombs, but now that we’re getting members of the actual Adventure Kartel team, it finally feels like the line is really starting to take shape.

… it’s looking bad…
Gettin’ it done.
The divine light
Who’s next?

Unfortunately, the only way to get this figure now is on the secondary market. And, again, he was a very limited release, so it may be better to stick to the various BST boards if you’re after one. Thankfully, there are several more versions of the character on the way, so once those hit, it should be easier to track down a different version. His more “definitive” versions are among those on the way, so unless you really want the Tracky, it would probably be wiser to wait and snag one of those. I’m after every version of this character I can get, so I’m happy to kick off my AP Adventure Kartel team with this figure.

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