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Legendary Monsters Head to Kickstarter


R. Todd Broadwater is bringing his first action figure line to life via Kickstarter. Check out the news release for these Legendary Monsters of myth and head on over to the donation site for more information!

My name is R. Todd Broadwater and I am the creator of “Legendary Monsters,” line of action figure toys based on “Urban Legends.”  Today, I’ve gone public with the toy line by giving the public access to ordering the figures through Kickstarter!  We have many other toy lines in the works and we hope that “Legendary Monsters” is a success to allow us to continue creating toys and doing what we love. You will find a great deal of helpful information on the Kickstarter page. I provide background on myself as a toy and game designer for the entertainment industry, as well as our goals are for the toys. I hope to share some entertaining stories and photos with you as well!



November 15, 1966 Point Pleasant, West Virginia

While driving through an abandoned munitions dump “locally known as the TNT area,” Linda Scarberry, her husband Roger and another couple spotted a pair of glowing red eyes, two inches wide and six inches apart attached to something that was “shaped like a man, but bigger…maybe six or seven feet tall, and it had big wings folded against its back.” Roger accelerated their vehicle trying to escape from the creature. Much to the couples’ horror, “Mothman” gave case, squeaking audibly as it reached speeds over 100mph. The flying monster ended pursuit only as the car neared town.




The Jersey Devil:

December 1993 Pine Barrens, New Jersey

Forest Ranger John Irwin was driving alongside the Mullica River in southern New Jersey when he found the road blocked by a creature. Irwin describes the monster as a six foot tall bipetal animal with horns and dark fur. The ranger and “The Jersey Devil” stared at each other for several minutes before the creature fled into the woods.

Origin: Pine Barrens 1730

The mistress of a British soldier known as “Mother Leeds” went into labor with her 13th child. During the delivery she suffered agonizing pain and cursed the child, wishing it out of her body. As the hateful words faded from her lips the Jersey Devil slithered out of her womb and into the world.




The Missouri Monster:

July 11, 1972 Louisiana, Missouri

Eight year old Terry Harrison was playing in the backyard when a creature appeared, splatted with blood, carrying a dog under its arm. The creature was luckily driven away by the screams of his eight year old sister Doris, who had just stepped out into the yard.

“Momo” is typically described as a creature six to seven feet tall, its body covered entirely in black hair. Manlike in appearance and stance, the creature is often referred to as the “Eastern Bigfoot.”




August 1995 Cano’ Vanas, Puerto Rico

At 4pm Madelyne Tolentino noticed that the driver of a vehicle parked in front of her house appeared frightened. As she approached the large front window she saw a creature walking upright in front of her house with its arms outstretched. At that point she screamed, sending her mother outside of the house to chase the creature. The monster took off in a hopping motion toward the nearby woods.

A typical Chupacabra is described as four to six feet in height covered in short fine grey hair with dark spots on the creature’s back. Its powerful legs and long arms end in hands containing three to four long narrow fingers ending in claws. A series of protruding spikes run along the creature’s spine.




About Todd Broadwater:

R. Todd Broadwater is currently living with his wife and three children in the York County Pennsylvania area, working on a number of projects for the toy and game industry.

As a graduate of the Art Institute of Philadelphia, he started off in the Toy Industry specializing in Action Figure and conceptual design. There, he worked on a number of action figure toy lines, including Star Wars, Star Trek, X-Men, Spiderman, Batman, Jurassic Park and many others.

Looking to evolve as an artist and designer, he turned his attention to the game industry and joined Bethesda Studios. In the years at Bethesda, he worked his way up to becoming one of the Lead Artists and Designers on Oblivion and Fallout 3. Currently, he is working as Lead Designer and Level Artist for Firaxis games, having just completed XCOM: Enemy Unknown for the console market.

This marks the first time he will release his own product line with the support of his company “Nevermore.” In addition to “Legendary Monsters Series I,” he has a 2nd series of Legendary Monsters already in the works and a number of action figure lines in preproduction.


9 thoughts on “Legendary Monsters Head to Kickstarter

  1. Some of that characters/concepts was already produced in some indy toy company. Diorama product type, old fashionated designs and average end-quality make me see little success to this project.

    I recommend to forget the base+victim and make better “today-competitive” base figures.

  2. RTB:
    I get where your coming from regarding the dioramas, but from an action figure collecting standpoint ( I’ve been collecting for 20+ years) and having a background in marketing and production, I think your line would have a better chance of success as toys if you sank your tooling dollars into the creature figure itself and forego the diorama base and witness/ victim figure. The market (as you are probably aware) has changed dramatically since 2001. As such, you might want to rethink your initial product line mix, scale and articulation. Mezco already produced a line similar to this and at a similar scale. It was met with a less than enthusiastic response by collectors and saw only one wave released. I have gone the independent route and one of the missteps my partners and I made was not listening to outside input. Sometimes you can get too close to a project and not be able to see its short comings. Our target customers do not always want what we want to give them. I don’t mean to rain on your dream – I would love to see you succeed! I am just offering some constructive input in the hope of seeing that happen.

  3. To address your concerns I will be adding more articulation on series 2 and the deluxe figures. These figures were created a number of years ago and have since had some minor design changes (the Chupacabra was resculpted.) I was and have been funding the development of the figures individually and it is both time consuming and costly and I did it because creating my own action figures would be an amazing opportunity. They are meant for the action figure market rather than the collectible market so the sculpts are more toy like for that reason. The bases are there to describe the setting of where the creature was spotted by the eyewitness and therefore necessary I believe to ground the creature and victim to a specific place. And one final note, the monsters are 5″-6″ inches in height in comparison to the victims.

  4. so this guy’s been kicking this line down the road for 12 years and all he has to show for it is a kickstarter campaign? at what point do you give up and try something new? do some research, these figs were initially intended for release in 2001… this will be an easy campaign to pass on. this dude is only slightly less delusional (though notably less criminal) than geoff “bait and bail” beckett.

  5. The sculpts look pretty cool for a start-up. Personally, I would rather see these with more articulation and at a 1/12th scale rather than 1/18th scale. The funky dioramas seem like a waste of tooling dollars to me. If you are opting to go the diorama, route, I would sooner see these as cold cast statues with a more detailed sculpt. Your tooling and production costs would be cheaper and you would be appealing to a larger collector market for this type of subject matter who will also shell out more bucks for a statue than a toy.

  6. Did I miss a scale for these? Look cool, missed out on the Crypto-Zoology line back in the day.

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